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Breaking!!! NHL 18 coming out THIS YEAR only 265 days till release!!!!! LET! THE! COUNTDOWN! BEGIN!



  • SepiDN wrote: »
    Out of the tens of people I have played with NO ONE has complained about the class system.

    Out of all the people I have played with the MAJORITY would rather have the progression/grind system.

    I won't complain if you give me a basic hamburger with the basic toppings on it but I'd rather have the deluxe burger with toppings of my choice instead.


    no flat-brimmed MLG hat for you!


    What's an MLG hat?


    It is mandatory that all stickers and tags remain on the hat if you ever get one.

    Kids these days. :smirk:

    I remember while growing up, we'd have the tags and stickers ripped off and the brim curved before we even left the store.

    i'd rather my daughters bring home Simple Jack than a skinny jeans flat brimmer.
  • SaveUs2K wrote: »
    VeNOM2099 wrote: »
    SepiDN wrote: »
    Out of the tens of people I have played with NO ONE has complained about the class system.

    Then you're playing with scrubs that need to a crutch in the way of an articial "balancing" system (base builds) in order to even come up to a good player's feet.

    I can dominate either way. Can you?

    And I'm with @BoboFloggins : you dare put "2K" in your username while NBA 2K has an attribute customization feature and progression system? And you call ME an embarrassment?

    As for your LG comment, I've been back for only one month. I have a winning record. My teammates love me. My opponents respect me. How 'bout you sparky?

    You're a mediocre AHL player and your arguement is absurd. You need the artifical crutch of a better character to be what? An okay AHL player lol? Get real bud, who are you?

    OH...I'm sorry, you're an "elite" CHL player lol...Wow, LG royalty here.

    Royalty? Hardly... I bring about results by doing what I know how to do, and I do it well.

    Again, how about you?
  • VeNOM2099
    3178 posts Member
    edited February 2017
    So basically, you're not a goalie, you're a d-man and an average one at that. This was my first season after a 3 year hiatus, while you're on your... what? 3rd or 4th season in LG? And you played a full season while I only had 12 games in the reg season and played a backup roll in the playoffs.

    In the short time I've been here, I have 2 team records, 2 trophies (Player of the Week), I had the best GAA and SV% in the CHL. I also hold the two records for my Team in the playoffs for best GAA and SV%.

    But here's the difference, I never put up my stats or skill in anyone's face as a sign that i'm superior to them. Which is why I'm well liked and respected, even among AHL and NHL players.

    Who am I? I'm not hiding my LG name, it's the same as my EA Forums account. WHO though, are you on LG if you don't mind me asking? Are you afraid to share that?? And so, why??
  • SaveUs2K wrote: »
    Hmmm...Well for starters, I've played more than one game in the actual LGHL. Two, I average more than a point a game as a full-time D, career win ratio of 2.0+ (just in the NHL), career +/- of +59 (again, just in the NHL), AHL defenseman of the year, Calder cup champions, 4 LGAHL records, LGPS runner-up...

    Again, who are you? A CHL goalie...sick, dooode.

    Do you have a player card you could autograph for me with your illustrious LG stats?
    Would mean so much...
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