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Hey guys! Are you looking to take your skill to the next level? I can help you with that! I run a youtube channel primarily designed to help other players out. I was a top 10 Versus player last year, and this year I continually get the league title in HUT. With my helpful videos I try to touch upon every part of the game so that you can be a well-rounded solid player.

Here is the playlist that will help you score like Gretzky, lead your team like Crosby, sauce like Gretzky as well, but probably not brick wall like Roy since I'm not a goalie.

Other than the redux videos, the first bunch of videos are a little slow since I was new to editing but they get much better as you go further down the playlist. Anything from part 25 and down is VERY good and goes at an excellent pace.

If you have any questions about any of those videos, or anything that you need help with let me know! I love helping others out, so you should be included as well!


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