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EA NHL needs to use some sort of jockeying system we see in FIFA.

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I think it would be great if physical play in the EA NHL series had more fidelity, usually the puck carrier bounces off of the hitter, or you lay the puck carrier out. There aren't that many animations that involve small physical play, and the ones there aren't very useful.

Below is the post I made on reddit that goes more in-depth, my reasoning for posting here as well is to hopefully get more eyes on the subject and maybe an EA Dev.

I made this post before, and I feel like it would be good to bring up some discussion on this topic again. This feature would improve the use of bigger players and grinders when battling for pucks in the corners. Now, when 2 players are chasing for a puck in the corner, the player ahead can easily block the player behind from doing anything, there's no battle for the puck. I know my previous post from a while back seems a little redundant, but I will repost it anyways.

This game caters to the speedy snipers, giving not much of a use for grinders and other big players. I don't play fifa very much so forgive me. I've played some and the jockeying system for physical play was great, (giving you a reason to use bigger, stronger players). I think some sort of physical play that isn't laying someone out would add lots of realism. Small physical play is something that lacks in this game. I think this system would be great in many ways, if there is a race for the puck in a corner or something, d men and forwards usually battle trying to get in good position to get the puck, in the game now, the guy can just block you and you can do nothing. Having small physical play in puck battles is something needed in this game. Having this system along with being able tieup someone would give a lot more realism in the physical play in this game. Although this system could be very useful, there needs to be balance. Not having to completely step up and take yourself out of the play to risk and hit the offensive player would be something refreshing in this game. There are really not many small hit animations, it's either they bounce off of you or you lay them out. ALSO: The NHL team and FIFA team work in the same studio I believe? This makes the idea of this even more realistic. They've collaborated on some physics things before I believe


  • great idea but probably will not be used or will be implemented poorly
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    1st: great post

    2nd: Me and some others have been asking for something like this for about 8 years. We' ve been told that something like this very demanding, so I was hoping that this will be one of the essential things for the new (current) gen. As we know.. kinda happening, but not really.

    But as you can see in these clips (or as Ben cynically said haha: "compilations of 2k mechanics") that even the old generetaion of consoles could handle it.

    So yeah, we still waiting..
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  • Definitely agree!
  • Thanks for the replies guys. The big thing with this system is that it needs to not fully interrupt the play. What I mean is that you still need to have control over your player while this is happening, like in FIFA.

    In FIFA, when 2 players are running up a side chasing a ball, they can battle to get an advantageous position to gain posession of the ball. This system integrated with improved boardplay in the corners would be a huge improvement in my opinion.
  • I was talking to a dev a few months ago about the old fifa stand up challenge/shoulder to shoulder battle mechanic and how that should be implemented. It'd reward good body position, take into account height and weight and would make battles for loose pucks more fun and strategic. However I haven't heard anything in a long time so I doubt it'll ever make it into a game.
  • There's no way they program this into the game without it being absolute ****. I mean they just put the tie up back in and it still isn't even done well.
  • Jockeying in FIFA is an abuse fest.
  • They can't. They only have enough budget for the sugar packets in the coffee room. So you better go buy more hut packs
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