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NHL 17 Survey

Did anyone else get this thing? Is this a freaking joke EA?? One question survey, "how likely are you to recommend this game to a friend/family member?" This survey is worse than the game you guys have made the past few years.


  • I got it expecting it to be much more than that one page lol.
  • Right? Best part, i was in an online party chat with the guys i play with and they were all saying, "you actually fill those things out, they're just a waste of time" and i berated them saying how i like to at least share my input on trying to shape the only game i really play. Only to have to tell them 30 seconds later that it was a one page absolute bloody waste of time hahaha.
  • Ha I thought they ended my survey when I rated the game a two for recommending to a friend....... makes me feel better knowing that was the full survey
  • Haven't seen it.
  • I didn't get the survey yet. Wonder why.... LMFAO
  • I'm appalled by the survey. Ea knows dam well I don't have any friends
  • Its pretty obvious what the goal of such a survey is (based on what I read here since I did not receive it)

    We are maybe 2% of the playerbase here on the forums and lots of us are vocal about the issues.

    If you check their facebook page, im always shocked at seeing tons of people praising the game.

    The survey would simply assess if they are still supported by a large portion of their playerbase of if their expected sales may start declining. If 80% of population responds 10/10 for recommending to friends, well dont hold your breath for major changes in direction.
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