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Anyone have any insight on who we will see in this line up on Wednesday? I have no idea what criteria are used to select these teams. For my MOVs I am hoping to see Bergy, Toews (EA loves him), Doughty, Weber and Bobrovsky. Kesler is usually in the mix when it comes to Defensive prowess. Any other thoughts on who will be there?


  • They tend to look at advanced stats for this sort of thing (i.e. with TOTW) so maybe look up an advanced stats site and see who the top defensive players are.
  • Stone, Pavelski, Koivu, J. Staal, O'Rielly, Backlund, Slavin are good options also. Bergeron and Toews are pretty much locks because they are Bergeron and Toews.

    Faceoffs, hits, blocks, takeaways are the most important stats when it comes to DTOTY. Also advanced stats; Corsi/Fenwick and ratio of offensive zone/defensive zone starts matter.

    hockey-reference.com is a good site I like to use when looking at these stats. But yeah, DTOTY is really hard to predict.
  • I'm hoping for Kesler. He started the year really good but then dropped off a ton. Would still be a beast of a card.
  • Stfx96
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    Would Duchene have a shot as the top face off man in the league this year?
  • h8ttrick
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    Probably not because that is just one stat. I hope not think he is overrated as it is
  • Stfx96 wrote: »
    Would Duchene have a shot as the top face off man in the league this year?

    A very very slight chance. I'm guessing he will most likely not get one.
  • Just in case i bought him for 110k..a 95 duchene would be awesome

    Id say Stone, Pavelski, getzlaf, Koivu, o reilly have better chances though
  • TOTY Pavelski will be a sick card
  • Just send my 95 MOV Bergy to a 98 please EA
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