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For the love of God, please make this game available for the ps4. You already made it and it was incredibly fun. Make a few bucks and make people happy!


  • djneohockey
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    So.. anything else you would like to be added or improved? Or you just signed to ask for this?
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  • It was dead pretty quick online.
  • So.. anything else you would like to be added or improved? Or you just signed to ask for this?

    Take a breather. He is allowed to join for any reason he wishes.
  • I'm all for it. It would be an easier task for a small dev team. They are clearly overwhelmed and in over their heads with the NHL series (and I don't mean that maliciously). So just make a fun 3v3 game that is customizable and silky smooth online and lets at least get something fun to play out of all of this. Playing NHL right now is about as fun as being waterboarded.
  • kitchener_boy
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    I thought it was realistic hockey you were all after?. Now we are talking about arcade games? Let's focus on this series first. We want NHL 18 on P.C. first.
  • 3 on 3 arcade was too over the top arcadey for my liking. I'd enjoy a 3v3 nhl14 style mode where the advanced dekes on the skill stick can be used. Cool backgrounds and outdoor rinks would be great too, almost like a NBA street type game but with hockey.
  • Ers4WinOli
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    I haven't posted in a very long time but who cares. My point is I miss this game a lot and so do my friends. It was just pure fun with no stress. It sucks that it's unavailable since switching to ps4.
  • kezz123
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    EA if you released NHL 3 on 3 Arcade with cross platform play and put it on PC you would be sitting on a gold mine. Just update the roster, maybe add a player creator with face scan for your own bobble head player and some new powerups. Could even add a league mode. Look at the success of Rocket League, that is how you develop a sports game.

    Id totally see this model be successful IF they do a good job with the gameplay aspect of the game.

    One of the issue in the past games was that the goalies were pretty terrible and the whole game became very repetitive very quick. Maybe lack of dekes or other typical hockey moves and maybe too fast or something but it just felt like a big hectic rush to shoot vs rush to shoot over and over.

    I think toning down the hitting and stuff a bit would help and increase the hockey itself a bit but its about getting the right balance to make the game fun.

    If they get the "right feel" going, I would jump all over that.
  • kezz123
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    to expand...the reason rocket league is successful is in large part because of the gameplay requiring high skill cap. Physics are great and fun and you can make nice plays but its hard....so it gives you that gameplay carrot dangling.

    Same could apply with 3v3 but the passing would need to be very manual and deflections and all sort of things could be taken into account.
  • Please! All world funs realy need this game on PS4. It was a big disappointment when we bought a new PS4 and did not find our favorite game there. Make it, we are beggin you!
  • Socair
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    Old thread closed. Please don’t revive topics that are this old. Thanks.
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