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CompSeason 7 - can't get an opponent

I have tried since season seven started and all I ever get is Failed to retrieve data. - I can however easily find a match in HUT just not comp season. EA what could be happening?


  • Anyone else having the same problem?
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    No I played quite a few games already what system are you on?
  • Xbox one- I just learned it was my routerI needed to go into my router settings and enable Teredo tunnels. Once I did that it must have opened the ports needed. No idea why it changed just since season 6 or why it still allowed me to play online HUT matches
  • he has rogers IP...imo.
    THE...Detriot Frenzy Alumni
  • Always open ports on your Router and have a dedicated ip for the Xbox itself
  • ESPOtheDON
    2940 posts Member
    people quit when they see Datsyuk, as we know.. but as far as record viewers; I have been noticing less of that... at least 8 out 10 games we skipped intro and went straight to playing the game... it is better that way. you have no idea if your opponent is good, mediocre, or terrible.
  • Little bit of followup, I have been able to play several opponents since updating my router settings (opening up the ports) but I have noticed that several times in the middle of a game I just randomly lose my connection. I run off wifi and always have a strong signal and tons of bandwidth when I check my Xbox one settings. Also, I usually have the playoffs streaming in the background and that is never interrupted so I don't think it's an internet issue. Wondering if these drops have something else to do with the router or perhaps I am getting randomly booted off the EA servers?
  • ESPOtheDON, I know what you mean and hate that. In fact I think that the gameplay actually works out more in my favor when I play with only 4 or so active synergies using a lot of 87-90 rated players rather than having the stacked lineup and utilizing twice as many synergies. I sold my Datsyuk Master Set for that reason, used the coins to pull some TOTY and glad I did. Much more relevant synergies with those players.
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