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Auction House glitch?

Hey guys, new here.

Last night I bid on two cards, 94 shanahan and 94 blake. Current bid said mine was the highest on each, auction timers went to ENDED. After that it did not give me the players, but refunded the coins, even though it said I was the current/highest bid on both cards at the time it read ended.

Is this a normal thing, or was this a glitch?
Is there anyone I could report it to?

It's not a big deal since I got my coins back, but kinda sucked not getting two players I've been wanting to get for a long while lol, especially when the winning bids ended up being only 50 coins more on both.


  • NYR2007K
    109 posts Member
    After you bid on an item in the Auction House, you have to go to the My Bids section. You'll see the item you bid on the screen. If someone had already outbid you, then you won't see it . So you to then click on my bids, hit L2, hit unsuccessful bid screen. You'll see the item you were outbid on, and the time left. Usually anytime you bidding against people the timer goes back to 15-19 seconds. If bid on it again, hou gave to back out the my screen to seeif the player or item is shown. If it is shown, then you are still the high bid. If not showing, then go back to unsuccessful bids again and keep repeating the process until the aution is finally over. EA didn't make it too easy! Lol
  • I did do all of that though. Kept refreshing screen by backing out and going back in, etc. It never changed the current bid until after the auction ended. Had me thinking it glitched out but I'm not entirely sure.

    I remember the days when it would update right there without having to change screens lol.
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    That has happened to me before but only once. It just messed up once there are so many odd things in this game
  • YZ19
    171 posts Member
    It's a stupid system they put in this year for sure,
    The guy may have accepted a offer or pulled the card with an alt account
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    That's probably the most likely thing forgot about that one
  • He didn't accept the offer though, it said the winning bid was only 50 more coins than my bid after it ended, which is the worst thing lol. Would've kept bidding if I had seen the other bid. Is there anything I could do, or is there nothing to do about it? Pretty sure it glitched out lol
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    Try again tomorrow? I don't know what else to say. Also quit bidding on heros lol
  • lol, I usually just buy them outright, but the bid was low so I figured I'd go for it.
  • ESPOtheDON
    2940 posts Member
    I bid when price is very cheap
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