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Hut game winning bonus drops/EA hates me???

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Hey, i have contacted this problem for my own ea support and they couldnt help me so i try here with my poir english. Problem is that when i play lot of games in hut17 have played totally more than 3000games and i hadt to make another account cause of this problem. So my game winning price isnt maxed when i play more than about 10games per day. I dont mean money i got from difficulty, it depends amount of goals i do and dont mean the third part of game bonus how much audience like my game.

Problem is that my game winning price drops from 600 to 450 without no reason. Ea support have explained it had something to do with internet or that i quit the game but nothing changes in my modem and i dont quit the games. I have calculates i lose more than 10,000Coins everyweek and it have been problem since Ferbuary so its tons akd tons of coins.
I hope ya can help me or does the game punnish me from playong it a lot?
I putted proof from this for my profile picture, dont worry about the language in there just look at the first number!
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  • No way this is real.
  • how can i post pictures in here?
  • ESPOtheDON
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    wait, what?
  • im trying to add picture from the bug i have but for some reason cant paste it here
  • Well cant send picture from that cause of something but why would this wouldnt be real? Dont have that good imagination to just throw some things from my head. But the problem in hut really is something i dont like....
  • well i finded one way to show picture from that problem, its now my profile picture, dont let the language bother there just look at the first price number.
  • canadiancsArcy
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    Wow that is quite odd actually . That would be an ea support problem
    There is no help from EA here , we're just a small community of players discussing various topics
    I would suggest calling them back and don't take no for an answer !
  • ESPOtheDON
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    I have noticed that before... and funny enough, I have also played games where it wasn't the normal 595 either, it was like 895... I think it is just EA glitching out lol
  • well i finded one way to show picture from that problem, its now my profile picture, dont let the language bother there just look at the first price number.
  • I contacted Ea support one more time for this and they said they cant effect on the bonusses i get from playing the game. Only thing they said that if I post here discussion EA Studio can do something about the problem i have so thats the reason why i posted this up from here
  • ESPOtheDON
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    I seriously cant believe they keep sending people to the forums... I have contacted EA maybe 10 times in the past 2 years AND NEVER have they ever recommended me to come to the forums for "HELP"... do you think they pick out who they think they can get away with saying that to?

    I would never let anyone try to direct me here..
  • It would be a good way to bring the forum back to life, but they'd need a developer or a mod to check in from time to time. Like EAHLT used to do, I don't believe he's with the company anymore though.
  • Passing on the baton really doesn't help
    There are dev on the forums they just don't post a lot on hut
    And regarding problems if they don't haven the answer they tell you with a dead serious tone
    " try a hard reset"

    Honestly try a few games on vs th maybe try last years hut and see if the problem is still there ?

  • Yeah i dont know anymore what to do, problem get "fixed" in about 24hours or more if i dont play the game. After i play few games that problem comes back. Ea Support just keep saying that there is something wrong in my internet connetion or it has something to do about quiting games, but i havent quited games myself. So hands up and cant do nothing. I dont have nhl 16 anymore so cant see if problem occurs in there too. I dont remember i had last year this kind of problem. I think Ea wants me to quit playig the game, got too good team or something....

    They talked about some Ea studio could help me but dont even know how they could help me. Well i try hut 17 few more times and if it dosnt fix maybe i try hut 18 next time....
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