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NHL18 First look, video


  • Sgt_Kelso
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    If you can custom color your mouthpiece, I will be so stoked!! B)
  • Well thanks for saving me $92 Rammer. And people say they don't like you.... The nerve of some people, I tell ya.
  • nickels55 wrote: »
    "Don't play realistic hockey because it isn't fun."

    LOL. What a **** joke this series has turned into. Only thing missing was that useless clown Rammer that has no clue what hockey is should have been doing the voice over about not playing real hockey bc it ain't fun.

    I really hope this clown gets fired bc this series get axed. He should be lead dev for some game like Rocket League or something, not a hockey game. #firerammer
  • If there's one thing this community agrees on, it's that we all want to see more showboating and players that can do it all themselves instead of solid team play and "hockey plays". Yes, that is sarcasm.

    That teaser is a perfect example of why EA is so out of touch right now if they're actually headed down the path of making this as much of an arcade game as the tone of that teaser would imply. Users complain about the controls being too difficult, so EA thinks that means we want an arcade game instead of just fixing the darn controls. A teaser joking about how players don't have to worry about trying to understand real hockey strategies seems pretty far from what they should be trying to do in my opinion.

    On the other hand, maybe it does mean that they really tried to gear the game towards simple controls and making it feel more responsive. I guess I'd take a responsive arcade game over a clunky sim, but what I really want is a responsive sim game.
  • nickels55 wrote: »
    "Don't play realistic hockey because it isn't fun."

    Do you think EA understands your sarcasm? Keep in mind you used that particular word....."realistic" :)

  • I guess I'd take a responsive arcade game over a clunky sim, but what I really want is a responsive sim game.

    My thought exactly. I have come to the conclusion that EA is incapable of making a decent hockey sim so maybe they will be better off making an arcade game. Not thrilled but I'm up for anything that might make this game entertaining.

  • Btw last time when someone decided to leave their sim roots and rather make a hockey "FUN for everyone".

    It was the beginning of their end.
    Everybody knew that was an awful mistake that time (even the actual devs), except 2k bosses and PR department.
  • barrett098
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    edited June 2017
    It's always the beginning of their end no matter what game if they decide to abandon thier hardcore base in hope of getting new players. When a game abandon its hardcore base, its always the end. Hope this series dies out tbh...and someone else fills the void in the hockey video game market. Hopefully it's SDS even tho their servers are ****. This series has no hope with Rammer as head producer, put someone with hockey knowledge. Replace him with Ben Ross or some ****.
  • B_Bunny
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    Follisimo wrote: »
    The teaser should have showed off the defensive skill stick in action. Then at the NHL Award they showcase the new dekes that take a big pile on the dmen's chest as they go by.

    Watch it again on .25 speed. I saw some subtle queues.
    PSN: B-Bunny
  • I saw some subtle queues too, like the one where they said "F___ hockey, LOL, that's boring! Just take 1 guy and invincibility bubble your way to the front of the net through a wall of 4 waiting defenders in a moment of horrifying decision-making, even BETTER than you can in '17, where you can point-blank exploit the goalie for a sick celly, NOW while chewing a mouth-guard! That not your style? Just hold an unrealistically deep toe-drag and fire a shot on net while skating full speed against the grain from 2 strides inside the zone from a terrible angle - we've got you covered! =D".

    And guys, about the "Defensive Skill Stick" : They already have one in the game, and have for years; it's just clunky, awkward, and doesn't work well, like most of the rest of the game. You can already hold RB and manually move your stick around with RS, though it does almost nothing, and if you're even REMOTELY close to the VICINITY of a player, you'll automatically take a tripping call, as your player will suddenly lunge out and jam his stick into their skates for no apparent reason. You can also hold RB without RS for a contextual lane sweep (the name of the feature) that can help in breaking up/stealing passes in a passing lane, which actually does work pretty well so I'll give them that. However, again, if anyone skates anywhere near you while doing it, you'll automatically trip them. I'm sure the "new" defensive skill stick is just that with a manual poke check added that will likely work as poorly as the other features in actual, practical gameplay.

    Their marketing team is absolutely 5-star though, they get me every year too. So, people are gonna make "No no no, it really is gonna be amazing this time!! Thank you so much EA, you're finally doing it right!! Full speed ahead!!!! YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!" threads left and right once they release the "defensive skill stick" video when it shows them manually aiming a poke check on someone who isn't currently bubbled, and then coupled with the music, people will rush to the stores to buy it and love it for a week before feeling like a used, beaten, pickpocketed, twice-f***ed w**** who just got shoved out of a slow moving limousine by a bunch of laughing billionaires.
  • AMGsode
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    edited June 2017
    Since Im a huge hockey fan. I wish that I'd see a hockey sim someday.

    So that being said. This time of year is always the most exiting because EA starts to reveal stuff etc

    But after this video....

    "Basic hockey fundamentals.......Where's the fun in that?"

    I dont think EA has ever destroyed my dreams about the upcoming NHL this quickly......maybe NHL 19 will be a hockey game?
  • Gschlez
    106 posts Member
    So they are going to make it an arcade mode where last one to score wins? Haven't goalies suffered enough all ready..... If by arcade mode they mean we can actually pick up the puck and make a play before losing it with-in a fraction of a sec cool, but like others I think this means we are going to have people dangling their way through teams. I can already see how 1 handed dekes are going to lead to some odd goals.

    Basically if you are going to give the offensive players a bunch of new tools, Defenders and Goalies should also be given the tools to defend it.
  • .....source.gif
  • Looks like the goalies have been overlooked again.. sigh.
  • Wow look at all the complaining.

    My view on the trailer comes from what was said during the trailer which was:
    When you grow up playing hockey, they teach you a lot of things: Get the puck deep. Finish your checks. Make the simple plays… But where’s the fun in that?”

    In my mind that means that these things are in the game, why else would they put it in there? And then they had a little fun with the deke out in the end.

    The biggest concern to me is that the goalie looked awful. That's my biggest fear.
  • jmwalsh8888
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    edited June 2017
    the cpu goalies have always been awful 1 on 1. all you need to do is a slight deke in front of them and they basically come out towards you and freeze.
  • Gschlez
    106 posts Member
    Maybe EA should fix goalies.... NAAAAAAA
  • So are we getting the same crap servers again in NHL 18..?

    Literally the only thing I care about.
  • HandsomeCatf1sh
    1707 posts Member
    edited June 2017
    Let's settle down, they are just promoting the 3 on 3 mode. (Hopefully)
  • cogsx86
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    Workin_OT wrote: »
    BossmanRus wrote: »
    First look at the new "defensive" skill stick lol

    It does show it, you're right.

    Wonder if guys like COGS and Messer will still **** about getting walked when they swipe and miss like this clip. ;)

    Ya becuz you have guys jumping all over the ice doing one handed dekes, in the NHL!
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