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ATTN DEVS: Beta BUG Found - 5 on 3 Penalty

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Not a complaint but an actual bug.

It's possible this is an existing bug that I have simply not seen before.

I got a 2m minor and 30 or so into it my team got another minor penalty. Clock shows 5 on 3 for 2 minutes?!

To make matters worse, the 2 minutes go by... the OTHER GUY gets out and I am still stuck in the box... until the next whistle.
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  • Exact same thing happened to me last night too. I took the first penalty, someone else took another, my 2 minutes expired but I didn't get to go back in until the 2nd penalty also expired and there was a stoppage of play. I thought maybe I was given a 5 minute major or something (which didn't make sense because it was a tripping penalty), so after the game I looked and I only had 2 PIM.
  • COGSx86
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    Ya, have seen this many times haha
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  • Which game mode were you guys playing?
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