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Love the Dss and poke check in general..but

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edited July 2017
Please make the puck chop an option again...the click and poke is just not feasible in quick situations where the chop is needed.


  • Agreed needs to be like before and the hip check also and please speed up the game also connection bar before the game starts
  • Hip check!? I haven't even seen one in the beta. Is that still an option? What do we have to do? Press left trigger...up down up down B A select start...while feeding our dog?
  • I thought I read somewhere that it was RT in then LB I've tried but it does nothing
  • It took a couple games getting used to it but I think it's fine where it is.
  • played a few more games last night....

    it feels, at least for the forwards I have been using, the DSS is already nerfed from what it was at beta launch.

    and if that is the case (and maybe it is poke checking in general that feels nerfed) that is a shame. If DSS ever got nerfed, yer # 1 selling point for online chaps (EASHL) like me is gone.
  • It's a cool addition. I think everyone just has to mess around with it and figure it out.
    Basically just figure out how it will work best for you and how you play.
  • CH1l1X95
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    edited August 2017
    The only thing i don't like about the DSS is that there isn't enough tripping penalties. Way too many times do people spam poke check and get nothing. Love the effectiveness, but there needs be some more consequences when poking in poor position
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