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My Impressions of NHL 17

So here we are, another year of NHL. Before the game was released we had developers here who would interact with us and take our suggestions with them back to work, and we're supposed to see that start to pay off. Well this year most of the changes coming were smallish, incremental changes, and that's what we got. The biggest change for me is the Club Customization in EASHL. It's not something I necessarily wanted or cared about, but I guess it's cool to see. But all in all the game is about what I expected. Small fixes, but overall a pretty similar experience as last year.

I like that the devs were here and hope they continue to stay and read, post and interact with the guys here because I think it will only help the game. Some of the things I really like about the game:
- Auto Zoom In EASHL. On defense this feature seemed to be changed in a way that the game tries it's best to keep both the puck, and your player-locked skater on screen at the same time as possible. At least while using the 'Overhead' camera angle, and while playing defense, I don't have to switch the focal point from the puck to my skater very often if at all. And it allows you to see opposing forwards who are behind you better so that you can stop those long breakout passes.

-The Pass Assistance Slider for EASHL. This is a great addition to the game and I hope other features have this kind of customization option. I think it's a good way to keep more users happy. You obviously can't please everyone and whenever a new feature is released or an old feature modified, there are those that like it, and those that hate it. Well giving people the option to choose to make the jump to whatever changes were made or to stick with the old way they prefer is just nothing but a positive.

This list isn't very comprehensive as I'm writing it and listing things as I think of them, and there's more than just these two features that I enjoy but moving on the the dislikes

-Lack of Defensive Skill Stick and Vision control being virtually unchanged

-stick lift is clearly broken right now

-seamless puck pickups. Can we have the option to turn them off?

-lack of endurance meter in EASHL. Although I think this is something they may add in a patch or tunet

-First year I've seen the game actually get an offside call wrong. I always thought the game got this right all the time. In the past everytime I went to a replay to check the game was correct. Already this year I've seen players cross the blue line before the puck and have it allowed.

-still too many garbage goals

-I'd like the option to be able to change the size of the player classes. I'm the type of defensemen where I want as much speed and agility as allowed, with the best defensive stats allowed, but I could care less about being able to hit people and drop opposing forwards. So ideally I'd like to have a defensive defenseman who is somewhere closer to 6' or 6'1"

So to summarize my feelings, the game isn't unplayable. They made some changes, most of them I feel aren't very noticeable but the game can quickly turn in the right direction as long as the devs keep up their hard work here and their other sources of feedback. Defense itself is absolutely nowhere near as fun as it used to be. It's pure frustration right now unless you're playing a bad team. Especially with the broken stick lift. Tbh once Battlefield 1 comes out, I can easily see NHL going on a shelf and being played once a week. And this isn't to trash the game or anyone, but if there aren't major changes ton the skating pertaining to the TPS thread I made on the old forums, and the new one I made here, I may not even pick the game up next year.


  • So what has changed and improved?
  • mhandymanb wrote: »
    So what has changed and improved?

    thats the question jimmy...what has changed?

    THE...Detriot Frenzy Alumni
  • mhandymanb wrote: »
    So what has changed and improved?

    More dekes and silly between the legs passes/shots, DSS is there but still has usability issues and needs to be more fluid IMO. We still have no player fatigue meter in EASHL, puck pickups are still a problem, TPS is still a problem, player classes are still somewhat limited, and defense is still a relentlessly boring position to play.
  • VeNOM2099
    3178 posts Member
    mhandymanb wrote: »
    So what has changed and improved?

    They've made some subtle adjustments to the gameplay, nothing that really stands out, but altogether they make the game feel a little more polished.

    The problem is that, as of the BETA, a lot of the major issues that were in NHL 17 were not corrected/fixed.

    Aside from that, the only "new" aspect of NHL 18 is NHL Threes, which is basically NHL 17, minus 2 players, on a smaller rink, with ultra relaxed settings (TPS arcade) and a really obnoxious Rink Announcer.
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