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Broke My NHL 17 Disc on purpose! (SAY GOODBYE TO NHL 17)

Feedback is always much appreciated :smiley:


  • BassMan_PC
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    Your video sucks, but I understand your frustration. I have snapped several NHL discs myself. It feels amazing when you do it.
  • Would have been better to use the disc in the box as a shotgun clay.
  • I wonder how our boy Vlad feels about being split on camera by so many hockey fans.

    Couldn't you have waited until release day of 18 to do this though? Once you run out of early access time (I am assuming you got early access), you will have to wait to play.
  • I did that with NHL 08
  • I did something like that before. I actually put my disc back in the box and slung it at the wall full tilt. The NHL 16 case and disc laid in a hundred small pieces all over the corner of my living room. What a waste of money this game has become on the new generation systems.
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    edited September 2017

    But seriously, the video could've been 3 seconds long but now I'm actually upset I sat through nearly 5 minutes of w-t-f.
  • Minutes after you break it:

    "Oh ****, forgot to take a picture of my sliders"
  • LuGer33x
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    Closed. If you are unhappy w/ the game, please provide constructive feedback instead of breaking things.
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