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Game face ever?



  • @B-Bunny it was @LuGer33x who told me the game was developed for 3 years. I never knew if it was true just took his word for it because who am I to know anything about what this dev team does

    Well first of all you're talking about something I may have said 6 years ago, so I don't blame you if your memory is a bit fuzzy. I have no idea what "developed for 3 years" even means. What I actually told you is they had a 3 year plan for transitioning to more real time physics instead of canned animations (hitting, then skating, etc) which is what David Littman told us at the NHL 11 community event. This was during the time when ragdoll physics and eventually TPS were introduced into the game.
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  • I either remembered it totally wrong or interpreted it wrong in the first place.

    What I was saying recently with "developed for 3 years" is that they work on each iteration of the game for 3 years despite the yearly release. Imo based on lots of early access games there's no way to make $60 worth of a game in one year. I've paid various fractions of that from 30$ to 10$ for games that aren't out yet and have been in development for 5 years. I just can't see it being done in any game regardless of how simple or complex it might be.

    From the sound of things I am wrong about how this game is developed. Whoops. I didn't know. I got away from this game because it wasn't what I wanted in a hockey game.

    I'm only back to shed my opinion and maybe try to show EA there's a larger pc market than they think.

    Either way game face on pc would be hilarious. Heh. Heh.
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