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Franchise Mode and Drafting.

How's drafting going for you in your franchise mode? Are you finding it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to draft in NHL 18 compared to 17?

To be honest, I'm VERY curious because I just drafted 5 low-elite players (from rounds 4-7.) I did have TWO extra 5th round picks, so I got two low-elites in the 5th round, the other 5th round pick was a low-top4.

For anyone who's interested, my 1st round picks was a med-top4 and my 2nd round pick was a low-top4.

I drafted six defense-men in total.

I'm playing the Red Wings and desperately hope Ken Holland has the same luck in real life.

I hope everyone is enjoying NHL 18.


  • Would love to know what are the names of those you drafted so I can check them out, myself i Havent had any such luck yet with the golden knights
  • Drafted them in year 2021. Something I should note - I didn't have a second round pick (I was mistaken and must have traded it away at some point.)
    Pick 1 - Joe Ritchie Med-top 4 (10th overall) 1ST ROUND Defense
    Pick 2 - Ernest Primeau Low-top 4 (89th) 3RD ROUND Defense
    Pick 3 - Michael Hainsey Low-elite (94th) 4TH ROUND Defense
    Pick 4 - Jonas Crosby Low-elite (125th) 5TH ROUND Defense
    Pick 5 - Luke Parra Low-top 4 (126th) 5TH ROUND Defense
    Pick 6 - Larry Krause Low-elite (129th) 5TH ROUND Defense
    Pick 7 - Patrick Rocan Low-elite (156th) 6TH ROUND Right Wing
    Pick 8 - Graham Lorentz Low-elite (187th) 7TH ROUND Left Wing
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    Has anybody else been having problems when trying to start or load from the franchise mode I can't get into a previous one I started or it says save WARNING failed to retrieve data; please try again later any help would be great..
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