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Puck Pickup Problem!? Where's this franchise going?!

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What in the world are they doing to this franchise, seriously. There are countless times that my player should pick up the puck but he just skates on by it, literally skating along side the puck. I miss the days when these games would consume me and I'd enjoy playing it. But with the insane poke check system we're you can't even hold on to the puck anymore, the super slow skating acceleration just makes it infuriating to play. I had a game today that it was 1-0 for an online opponent and my CPU player took a penalty behind the play with 45 seconds left in the 3rd, then the online player scores, completely ruining my chance to score it when I did nothing. I can go on and on about all the problems and plan on making a video with all the bugs in the gameplay


  • I wonder when EA will take notice to the decline of players and mediocre ratings review sites are giving this game and make some sort of change. The number of ppl on my PSN friends list who used to have this game year to year compared to how many have this years is insane, I remember 75% of my friends list had 14, 15 took a big loss because of no Club and it's been on a steady decline since
  • Yeah skating by the puck so often is inexcusable. Props on the video. I hope you follow through with that. Maybe it will help in some way for 19. Who knows.
  • Yah got a few clips gathered up now, gonna get some more and throw something together
  • I'll be curious to see the final sales for NHL 18. Their sales for NHL 17 was the worst for any version other than NHL 05. I can't imagine that 18' will be better.
  • Would you ladies like some cheese and crackers with that WHINE..if you don't like it don't buy it..play Donkey Kong

    Sure. At least when a barrel was rolling down towards Mario and you didn't jump in time, it ACTUALLY HIT Mario and he ended up dead. The barrel didn't physically pass through Mario and continue rolling down the structure as if nothing happened! Donkey Kong 1980s

    NHL Series now at NHL18 (2017)
  • I have to agree with this ridiculous feature that when skating by or near the puck the player in your control doesn't have the AI instinct to automatically pick up the loose puck! I've tried tinkering with the settings but no success. It's frustrating as hell because I only have half a second to make something happen before the opposing team, controlled by the CPU, swoops in to take the puck and score! I'm trying to understand if it's player fatigue but this happens randomly even when players are fresh off the bench! Also to add, it's not only skating by or near the puck, I've experienced that sometimes I could just skate over it and scratch my head wondering that's not realistic play at all! I may not be the greatest ice hockey player in real life but, during men's league play, if I'm skating towards the puck unchecked I'm not going to skate OVER the puck as I'm pretty sure I'll have my stick on the ice ready to have control over it!
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