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Should I buy NHL 18

I have NHL 17, would I be better off just stick with that? I'd be interested in your opinions why I should buy or why I should not


  • There is less lag in EASHL this year and it has 4K support on PS4 Pro. Those are the main reasons I bought it. Otherwise, the game itself is nothing special. A lot of the same issues and not much new and improved.

  • If you own 16 or 17 I would definitely wait until the game costs around 20 or 30 dollars/euro, which should cost at the beginning. If you are really rich tho, then go ahead :)
  • In a word: No
  • Tap into the used market if you are going to. I was able to snag up a used copy at Gamestop for 50 bucks a week after it was released, and the best part is you get 7 days to do a return on a used game there.

    After a few days with it I will say that INPUT/FAT-MAN DELAY is the worst demon I've been facing so far.
  • If you like offline modes and need a fair amount of "realism", then NO, do not buy. In some ways '18 has improved. In some ways there are still annoyances that have been around far too long. And most importantly, in some ways there are things that are getting worse. There is nothing about this game that is balanced. In short, offline is a big ole mind fee-ucck.
  • Thanks for the input. Sounds like I should pass. My wallet thanks you.
  • 3s is da bomb
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
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