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Looping on Online Co-Op Three's. Can't even play a game (PS4) + Got Time Looped in EASHL

Me and my buddy were playing EASHL and decided to try some Co-Op Three's tonight for a bit and it just kept looping and resetting us every time we tried. Quit game, back out, add friend, start new game, looped. This was just against the CPU too, has anyone else had this problem? The mode doesn't work for crap.

Also before this happened we played a club that was pretty much trying to rag the puck for the entire third period on a 2-1 lead then with 5 minutes left, they paused at a whistle. I assumed they were just calling a time out but we noticed while the screen was paused that the game clock was rapidly dying down and by the time the puck dropped we had 53 seconds left. Then after the game I had a -9% saying you're being lazy and not skating out there. I've never seen that before, I think it thinks I was standing still while the time was elapsing on us in the pause. Absolute joke. Their name was YALL ARE SCRUBS (YAS). Could be just a game glitch but they were being 🎃🎃🎃🎃 bags the whole game to go with it


  • Yes probably, they glitched the game last time we played against them...
  • MDubz83
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    Do devs even bother to do anything about that if we make a complaint on here? Cuz that's some straight up junk. @NHLDev
  • Might help to post a video of what happened. I completely believe you, but EA won't unless you have a video of it. Both consoles automatically record the last 15 minutes or so of gameplay, so you just need to have it save the clip after something like that happens and upload it to youtube or something.
  • I've had problems getting a Threes co op to start too, except I couldn't get past the team selection. Kept giving me an error message

    Actually comical since I'm forced to play co op to unlock some of the heroes or mascots.
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