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srsly? xD


  • that ending is hilarious :smiley:
  • Hahahaha great vid
  • joefitz22
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    Back in March, my brother and I had a similar experience with NHL17! PLAY NOW mode. We both used the Pens. Our Theory behind both using Pens is: same EXACT attributes for each player correct? so all things should be equal Correct? Game Should be my human skill vs his human skill correct?

    His Murray waited for the puck to come to him where he played the puck behind the net, My Murray skated out towards the puck and played the puck in the NO PLAY zone! Shouldn't they have same Situational Awareness?

    My Malkin jumped up and caught a slap shot clearing attempt (He was killing a penalty), His Malkin couldn't pick up a lose puck 1ft in front of him! So My Malkin can 🎃🎃🎃🎃 (what is wrong with the word S H A G that it gets deleted out? I mean baseball out fielders S H A G fly balls in the out field during practice) a airborne puck (like an out fielder) but His Malkin can't pick it up as he is staring down at it? EXACT same Attributes though right?

    My Crosby batted a puck out of the Zone (I was killing a penalty), His Crosby whiffed on batting the puck into the net. Aren't they supposed to have the EXACT same Hand Eye Attributes? Anyone that has seen Sid play IRL, knows Sid has insane amount of hand eye coordination

    His Letang made a awesome play to keep the puck in my zone (had a cycle going), My Letang received a pass along the blue line and did that slight turn out of the zone causing an Offside call to be made. Again, shouldn't their Situational Awareness be the EXACT same?
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