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  • Franchise details don't seem to dave when entering expansion mode. I posted elsewhere but it makes more sense to have it here. I changed all my teams details, abbr, nickname, play by play name etc, saved, then it never stuck once I started
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    Bugs encountered so far(off the top of my head after 35 games of EASHL)
    Some game stopping stuff in here. This happens... quite regularly online.

    *Glitching/restarting face-offs- after a few seconds of play the game resets/re-syncs back and keeps resetting/looping back to the face-offs/last face-off.
    *Game hanging between periods forcing everyone to quit-usually happens during the first period intermission.
    *Variation of above mentioned sync glitch- costing teams scoring/goals, resetting to no goal.
    *Stuck in penalty boxes after time expired on normal penalties.
    *Being called the wrong player while in the penalty box and while coming out of penalty box.
    *Having scoring/points at end of game being misrepresented(probably due to the looping glitch) -example would be if your team loses 4-0 with the glitch taking a goal out (should be 4-1) but points are still registered for the player who scored and assisted on the goal that was taken back.
    *Camera- Crowd cinematic post goal - fans popping off screen/into each other/overlapping before they vanish.
    *Camera- Players glitching on the spot stuck after penalty is called instead of skating or doing their animations.

    Its really hard to defend The glitch/sync bug in particular. It's a game stopper event for the community- sports games at their core are driven by points/numbers determining wins/losses. To have this be unstable in determining the outcome is difficult to swallow as a player esp when some of these same bugs have been proven to reoccur in previous years. Fixing this one thing alone is hopefully a priority.
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  • redirects or tips drastically slow the puck down --- which, as a goalie isnt always a bad thing.

    the goalie not covering the puck with or without auto cover on -- ive had a bunch of these happen already. the goalie makes the initial save but the puck drops underneath him and he just stands there.

  • I have a specific set of Audio/Visual settings for my game (Audio: Only SFX are unmuted, Visual: Auto zoom: off, Scoreclock Overlay: Small, etc.).

    My audio/visual settings don't carry over into when I play offline shootout and it reverts to the default settings (I haven't tested any other mode) The default settings just replace my existing settings and it carries over when I play other game modes (i.e., EASHL, Franchise Mode) I would appreciate if this was fixed. Thank you.
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