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Things NHL 18 needs

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edited September 2017
1: Anyone who is the last to ready up and lets over 30 seconds pass in that state. Should result in instant removal from the game and a 24 hour online ban.

2: Removal of goalie's being able to skate to center ice after every whistle.

3: The ability to mute the entire room in 1 button press, I shouldn't have to mute everyone 1 by 1 every single time like I'm forced to do now. I've been playing EASHL for at least 8 years now, I've never heard a single solitary person say anything of significance or anything even relating to the damn game in ALL those years. I don't care about your life, I don't wanna hear your music, I don't wanna hear your 🎃🎃🎃🎃 dogs bark or baby cry. 1 button room mute. Or allow a settings option to enter rooms with everyone muted.

4: The ability to block and never be teamed up again with any and all teammates in any and every game. I get terrible, god awful, worst pieces of trash to ever grab a controller on my team WAY too often. The opposing team is passing and banking off the boards...the 3 morons playing forward skate in straight lines and get destroyed for 60 minutes. I don't EVER want to play with these people again, for any reason, I want quick blocking and banning from being my teammates.

5: Forcing parties to play against clubs when they queue up with 3+ players. I'm sick of playing against people who've been playing together for 5 years everyday when I want to enjoy a game. This rolls into #4, where all my teammates are brain dead monkeys humping the controllers. Drop-in should be EXCLUSIVELY solo-que people, duo's at MOST. Full teams VS randoms is straight up 🎃🎃🎃🎃. Who taught you guys to design video games?

6: Please remove the lead from our skates.

7: There are like 25 forward player types, and 5 D-men...which are all terrible. More d-man player types.


  • stop thinking about logical, easy to implement things that would improve this game... it will never happen (never has never will, no matter how much many of us have asked for them over the years)
  • When the parent company spends more than 50% of its operating costs on marketing they need "new" features to market not let's fix all the little problems and put out a polished product.
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