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Trying a new way to play HUT

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Hey guys,

As most of you know I play offline. I love the mode but I've always found it exceptionally stale since they removed randomizing tournaments and started set seasons. I don't like playing BaGM because you have to use the same rosters game after the game. I thought of something and would love to get your input.

Basically I'm starting a HUT BaGM season

In BaGM I created a 32nd team and drafted accordingly. I used about 15k coin to buy those players in HUT.

I've printed out the schedule and im going to play those games in exhibition (too bad I can only play as the home team but whatever). I'm going to record those standings, dunno if I will record stats.

Basically every game I'm going to accumulate coins and upgrade my team, hopefully yielding better results as the season progresses.

Injured players will be healed with cards but will have to sit the duration of their fictitious injury.

I will simulate my BaGM season to see standings and create playoff brackets (if I even make the post season).

I think this will be a fun way to get the best of both worlds having structure and all the fun HUT stuff that comes with it.

What do you guys think? Any ideas?


  • Honestly ? I think it's really sad that not even one month after the game is out someone has to go out of his way to make HUT interesting offline. I command you for your idea.

    I also only play offline. I used to love the random tournaments too...always thought it would be awesome to keep them, but when they are generated each bracket would have a 20% or something chance to have somebody else's HUT team in there...but...nope...that day never came. Instead we got that crazy lazy "seasons" idea which is always the same thing.

    They really should take a page from the Show as far as amount of content goes. The game had issues, but nobody can say it didn't have content. It has daily missions, it has programs you work on that make you get creative with your lineup to accumulate certain stats, etc. Heck...I'd even rather have packs replicate how they are over there. I guess there is an attempt to that with the challenges but...they are meh.

    The way I keep HUT interesting for me ? I randomly choose who to put in my lineup. Like right now, my first C is MacKinnon. When his contract expires, I have all the Centers I have in a spreadsheet...I will use a random number generator and that will select who plays there then...only way I found to ice non-gold players...again, it's a sad way someone has found to keep HUT interesting mere weeks after it was released...
  • very cool idea, Taste
  • Let us know how it goes.. I will be following
  • I really miss the active rosters from a few years back. Really hate being forced to scroll through page after page of injury cards to heal a player. I found it fun changing up lines until a player was healed. Now it's such a waste of time dealing with consumables. At least they didn't bring back team change cards
  • Eldur74 wrote: »
    it's a sad way someone has found to keep HUT interesting mere weeks after it was released...

    Seriously. Once you acquire your team and grind down to Div 1 you play the same opponent over and over. It wouldn't be so bad if it had randomly generated seasons.

    Here's to hoping my idea keeps me entertained for a little bit.
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