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the Best NHL game yet! (very happy!) (bows to NHL series) (salutes you)

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edited October 2017
this game is truly the best NHL game yet, I've had no problems recently, I love the fact you guys listened to me and went Arcade, this is truly the best I've ever seen this game, this how NHL games should be played.

I like the feeling, I really like the direction this is going, I really love the competitive and competition, NHL you should pat you're self's your back for new coming, this is happiest I've been In years !.

I can now go 7-3-1, 5-4-3 , ratios in this game, you guys make me proud, first it took me while to figure out what you guys we're trying to accomplish, then... I realized, this is like real life, I better kick it into gear.!

this direction of arcade is the right path, don't stray from it!.

you've made fan and true believer outta me, I really love it now, my next wish I want all NHL games to be Arcade, this element is what was missing from other games, thank you EA *shakes your hands*

I also bought the game on day 1, more patches and tuners we're released, it made it more enjoyable, now everything is where it should be, I love new jerseys and goalie gears and stuff, this art at its finest.

I know day 1 is little rocky, it kinda takes us while to find are stride and find what game is really played and finding the fundamentals and basic's, as we played and played , it just kept getting better and better and then it reached perfection, to the point other slider makers, are praising you now.

am really proud!


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