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Alright so we are at NHL 18 and was wondering if anyone else would like to see an NHL 18 Hut mobile app where we could at least make changes to our lineups view our collections and team information as well as maybe view and play the auction house would be awesome to do from a tablet or smartphone if we are not on our systems would deff get more interest and more people using the auction house in my opinion!


  • WE had that in previous years but people cracked it to build autobuyers
  • RSall14
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    edited October 2017
    Pretty much what Verette said. It was great but unfortunately people took advantage and setup bots to bin cards for them.
  • What if they designed the app to have a time delay when performing actions in the auction house? If there was a 1-3 minute buffer to allow console users to have the first shot at grabbing items from the auction house. I believe this would definitely negate the bots speed advantage when they auto cards the moment they're listed.

  • I was genuinely thinking about this earlier today, there is at least one thread about app every year and I was wondering if I should start one.
  • verrette99 wrote: »
    WE had that in previous years but people cracked it to build autobuyers

    So how does Fifa deal with that?

  • Yea plus even if people didn't set Bots... I think people should be rewarded for actually logging into the game and going into the Auction House... rather than buying cards "at work" or "in school" through an app

    just my 2c
  • Deff would need to be restrictions and what the app could accomplish but I think with time and a good thought process they could make a sweet app to help everyone out
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