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When the bloody heck is a new patch coming out? This absolutely preposterous how bad this game is performing still with the looping, lag, and overall choppiness due to poor servers in eashl...

These days, in order to grow your game it needs to perform well in all conditions. You need it to perform well for the competitive gaming community (LG, VG, etc etc..) and it's just not happening. Done with the excuses fix this game


  • Amen!
  • MartinScoresEZ
    42 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    Yeah. This game is just laughably bad. I can't believe it's not a crime to charge people for this garbage every year. This is by far, the worst game I've ever played. And the servers make it 10 times worse. That's an accomplishment. Nothing like skating around with a Buick on your back missing pucks 9 out of 10 times. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME!!!
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