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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Don't waste your money

At first I thought it was just me, but this is by far the worst NHL game I have ever played. Somehow there is a glitch that constantly repeats faceoffs, and on more than one occasion I have had to take faceoffs at center ice after the opposing goalie has frozen the puck. Two on one breakaways are practically useless because the AI whiffs so badly that it is almost laughable. Some how the fastest players in the game are caught from behind by players that would be left in the dust in real life. Poke checking is a joke as well. A majority of the players must be Mr Fantastic in disguise because there is no other way to cover such a distance in such a short period of time. When a defender is able to poke check from halfway across the ice and disrupt a shot it gets a little ridiculous. EA put out a half finished game at best. This franchise is living off of nothing more than its name, because the content continues to get worse year after year. This is not authentic hockey nor is it even fun. At the very least I would recommend changing things back to the way they were in NHL 17 because this is god awful.


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