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No one online (EASHL)

I love hockey and despite this games flaws will also purchase.

Thank being said, this is the only game I've ever owned that I'll try to play, not be able to find a decent match, and quite 45 minutes later never to have played.


  • Yeah you can thank the antiquated business model for this problem.

    The video game hockey fan base is spread out over four versions of what is basically the same game (NHL 15, 16, 17, 18).

    Then take that number of players and divide it by 2 (no cross platform play between PS and XBOX).

    If they keep going at it with the yearly release, the numbers are only going to keep dwindling.

    The reason why games like rocket league, counter strike, league of legends, PUBG are so massive and successful is because they release one game. Every single player has the same game and you develop a huge online community which supports the game.

    NHL is still using a business model that was successful pre-internet, before online gaming was a thing.

    They need to adapt.
  • And remove the looping back to last faceoff.
    And reduce imputlag.
    And make you able to shoot again. UP UP UP UP ##!%¤!#¤%# wiff, still got the puck.....
    And make the goalies learning during a game to force players to score in different ways.
    And fix matchmaking. Sometimes you cnat find a game at primetime sat night.
    And on and on, fix the problems thats been in the game since 15 and before that even.
    Goalies that gets stuck, pucks that go through boards, nonhits, nonpokes, noninterference vs Tenders, and........Satan how much this game is broken.

    I play this game almost every night, and all, (almost), I get out of it is frustration.
  • One word... TROLLS
  • dont have a problem finding 3s games
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
  • COGSx86 wrote: »
    dont have a problem finding 3s games

    That’s because 3s is the only viable work around to this wonky skating engine. Although I think 4s would be the sweet spot.
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