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MENU and Auction house

Dear €A. Have you noticed that in NHL 18 there are slowest and heavyest options and menus in history of gaming?
And in auction house nice thing would be re sell button. So we who like to sell card in certain price dont have to allways put that same selling price over and over again.


  • Doesn't seem slow to me. The auction house however is not great. But it's been that way for years
  • It is very slow. Too much moving and mini loading when moving sector to another.
    Its not hard to make fast working options. And making it a bit userfriendly.
  • The menu system could be a lot better, i miss when it used to tell you what price the player was last sold at
  • I took time. I was on my collection checking team rosters. From there to HUT main menu it took 9.11 seconds. It could be faster? It is annoying in a long run =D
  • Game makers are using too much time and energy to make menus and options so called visible nice. Useless fading effects and other rubbish.
    We players like to play games. Not staring menus.
    Those basic things should work zup zup zup fast and nice.
    Who really cares is menus nice looking?
    Easy and fast i say. Easy and fast.
  • I think the better argument would be the menu system. Very clumsy, have to do a lot of controller input to get around.
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