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X-Mas Gift of Giving !



  • EA is idiotic when it comes to promos. They think everyone is in Twitter so there's no need to announce or explain it within the game. At least point people to a web link or something on one of the tiles. It's frustrating that we have to deal with this development team.
  • martmet wrote: »
    Thanks for the advice, I think that's exactly what I will do. I was just hoping that they would give us a chance to get a collectible each Saturday for example in a challenge right away.

    I think something will be added. Or maybe the advent challenge will give out some along the way.
  • I only have the gift of giving challenges, no advent challenges ..
  • jake19ny wrote: »
    How can you obtain all the collectibles in 2 days or 2 min? Many of them are selling for 20,000 each the lesser ones 4000. The Burns card only sells for about 330,000 so it’s nit cost effective to buy the collectibles. Seems unlikely yet it has happened

    There are players who were lucky on their pulls. For example if you pulled Evo Ovechkin you would make immediately 1,3 Million coins and you would complete 90 Burns set in a few minutes. The costs something around 270k. I hope that EA wakes up and raises the drop rates of those christmas collectibles because it's so stupid to have to pay 130k for 88 Zetterberg when he has a 90 Flashback card for around just 70k...
  • You're right about the cost of those sets. However you do get the master collectable which is used for a master set or sets later in the year. So it's not as bad as you think.
  • jake19ny
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    edited December 2017
    Just wait until the competitive season starts. By then so many of those cards will be floating around the price will drop for the cards and collectibles. In early November a collectible went for 7000 at the end you could get them for 800. Plus season rewards will give you collectibles
  • We must work together again guys! Another 95 rated card would be sweet
  • Last year we didn’t reach the final level, but they gave maximum reward anyway
    I am the consequence of your actions
  • And people still complained
  • And people still complained

    Indeed they did :D
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    We must work together again guys! Another 95 rated card would be sweet

  • jake19ny wrote: »
    How the hell did so many people complete the Christmas Burns set in less than 2 days? Even if they chose to spend their life savings you can only buy so many packs in one day

    Buying collectibles from auction house and thats it. Xmas Burns does not need master collectibles.
    Smarter way is way until end of event and buy all cards with cheap price

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