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  • Finch1965 wrote: »
    ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    Finch1965 wrote: »
    Bought one rare player pack and pulled PT Stamkos, which I traded immediately in a package deal for EVO Stamkos. My EVO team is now almost complete, LGD Lidstom is just a placeholder for EVO Hedmann

    EVO Stamkos - EVO Crosby - EVO Kucherov
    EVO Ovechkin - EVO McDavid - EVO Tarasenko
    EVO Wheeler - EVO Bergeron - EVO Marchand
    EVO Laine - EVO Matthews - EVO Gaudreau

    LGD Lidstrom - EVO Karlsson
    EVO Burns - EVO Doughty
    EVO Werenski - EVO Subban

    EVO Price - EVO Rinne

    In the system: EVO Scheifele, EVO Hall, EVO Aho, EVO Gostisbehere

    @Finch1965 wow man, beautiful team.. Stamkos is going for about a million so I am not too far from getting him at this point.. I will have him by end of month

    Obviously I was not patient enough and overpaid. He is now in the lower 900k range on PS4 so I think you can get him soon. I can not say who is the best right hand in the game, Stammer or Ovi, both are really good and fun to play.

    I am only about 150K away
  • https://hutdb.net/18/builder/994427

    This is my team right now
  • Evo ovi Stamkos 92bure
    fB Bucyk FB zetty FB kurti
    88kessel Evo Crosby Evo Malkin
    88panarin FF Barzal hall

    Evo burns Keith
    Karlsson McDavid (let the chirps begin)
    Letang 86brodie

    Evo price
  • EVO Ovechkin - 99 Jagr - LGD Bure
    99 Iginla - EVO Crosby - PT 92 McDavid
    EVO Stamkos - LGD Sakic - 93 Kucherov
    MOV Lanny - LGD Sittler - FB Zetterberg/Modano

    EVO Doughty - LGD Niedermayer
    EVO Karlsson - LGD Gonchar
    EVO Burns - LGD Borque

    86 PT Dubnyk (best goalie no idea how)
    Silver backup for synergy
  • Here is my latest team. 9 synergys active. Coach is not option in hutdp so it wont calculate all.
    That team has speed and power.

  • Here is my latest team. 9 synergys active. Coach is not option in hutdp so it wont calculate all.
    That team has speed and power.


    When i get 99 brodeur my team is ready.

  • Just pulled an evo achieve. Looks like it's time for another team redo
  • Scheifele
  • Scheifele

    whoooo nice pull
  • Shieldzor
    8 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Here’s mine so far:

    Overall: Off 98, Def, 97, Goa, 96

    Line 1:
    91Heatley, 92 Messier, 93 Bossy

    Line 2:
    90 Sanderson, 91 Koivu, 91 McDonald

    Line 3:
    92 Robitaille, 90 Linden, 91 Kurri

    Line 4:
    90 Brunett, 90 LaFontaine, 90 Doan

    D1: 91 Borque, 90 Boyle
    D2: 92 Lidstrom, 90 MacInnis
    D3: 90 Carlyle, 91 Numinen

    Goal: 93 Brodeur, 91 Joseph

    Synergies unlocked:

    LL, S, TN, CP, HT, PP, BM, P

    Edit #2. I’m saving up for the 92 Thornton. Once I get him I can add him & my 91 Wheeler, replacing Brunett & Doan, which will essentially change my bottom 9.

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  • 92 stamkos - 92 messier - Evo Kuch
    92 Bure - 88 toews - 92 st louis
    91 heatley - 91 shanny - 90 erik karlsson
    90 rolston - 88 cullen - evo scheifele

    xmas burns - 91 gonchar
    91 boyle - 89 doughty
    halloween big buff - 92 niedermayer

    92 Bob
    evo talbot

    CP, FS, TN, CW, S, RS
  • Finch1965
    256 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Here is my EVO-ONLY-Team


    Also in the system: EVO Hall, EVO Gaudreau, EVO Eichel, EVO Gostisbehere

    Cause EA still shows no interest to give us a reliable EVO LD like Hedman, Josi, Girodano etc. and EVO Gostisberhere is more or less a weak spot in my system (cant win any battles with him), I added EVO Benn into the LD positon. In the first games he was actually doing a good job in that position. Other than that I enjoyed several nice upgrades this week (e.g. for Ovechkin, Wheeler, Doughty, Scheifele, Laine and Price).

    I am thinking about getting EVO MacKinnon but with Ovi, Stamkos, Wheeler, Scheifele and Laine I already have 5 strong right hands in my team. And with Hall and Gaudreau already two speedy left hand in the back up. So I am looking forward to next Thursday and I hope EA will give us fianlly a useable EVO LD,

  • 94 lanny - ice Crosby - Bure
    Hero Sullivan - sittler - LGD Koivu
    Ice mackinnon - FO Toews - Rolston
    FF Barzal - FF Hischier - rookie mcdavid

    Hero macinnis - gonchar
    LGD Boyle - Niedermayer
    89 totw Subban - Evo Werenski


    Still have 6 gold collectibles, probably gonna add either ice karlsson or ice pietrangelo in the near future
  • verrette99 wrote: »
    jake19ny wrote: »
    My current team

    Evo Marchand - 91 Crosby - 99 Jagr
    Leg Robitaille - Evo McDavid - Star Kucherov
    88 Malkin - FOM Brindamour - Evo Laine
    88 Matthews - FOM Toews - 87 Tareshenko

    Leg Pronger - 90 Karlsson
    Leg Neidermayer - 90 Doughty
    Leg Gonchar - Evo Burns

    Gigguere - Rinne

    If you had to pick between Pronger and Niedermayer who would you pick ?

    Neidermayer I actually just dumped my Pronger. He hits awesome and has a good shot but he’s so slow
  • With the addition of ice cards I was able to get 4 nice cards and sell a few cards for great prices and land the EVO Ovechkin my team is where I want now. I’m kind of done with legend forwards I feel like I get more production out of current players.

    Evo Marchand - Evo Crosby - Hero Jagr
    Evo Ovi - 92 Thornton - ICE Kucherov
    ICE Gudreau - FO Brindamour - ICE McKinnon
    EVO Malkin - FO Toews - ICE Kessel

    Leg Niedermeyer - EVO Dougherty
    Leg Bourque - Xmas Burns
    Leg Gonchar - 90 Weber

    Leg Giguere 91 Price

    RS, FS, HT, S, TN, LL, CP, DZ

  • Gaudrau malkin tarasenko
    Sanderson (90) seguin pacioretty
    Hall rucchin (90) pastrnak
    Benn kuznetsov pavelski

    Subban pietrangelo (92)
    Sergachev (tow 88) Hatcher
    OEL letang

    Rinne Murray

    Not bad for just starting last week. Authentic didn’t spend any real cash on the lineup what do you guys think ?
  • Evo Kane brindamour ice kuch
    Fb jagr ice Mcdavid Evo wheeler
    Evo schiefelie 92 mess 94 Manny
    Heatley fb Zetterberg down

    Lidstrom evo burns
    Gonchar evo subban
    Fb Campbell macinnis

    Ice vasileski Vernon
  • IAmTheNizz
    194 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Well.. since Ice Sets came out.. my entire team is different since I upgraded about 6 players.

    Ice Stamkos-Ice Crosby-Ice Gaudreau
    Ice Ovechkin-LGD Messier-Ice McDavid
    LGD Bossy-LGD Sittler-LGD Bure
    FB Kurri-LGD Koivu-LGD St. Louis

    Ice Karlsson-LGD Bourque
    LGD Boyle-LGD Lidstrom
    Ice Doughty-Keith (Debating if I want Ice Ghost or Ice Hedman to replace him)

    Ice Bobrovsky in net.

    I am sitting on 310k. Contemplating on shipping out some legends or FB players to bring in Ice Johnny Hockey and Ice Kucherov at the very minimum.

    Edit - Bought Johnny Hockey and trying to sell FB Jagr. Should put me around 355k or so. Debating where to go from here.
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  • Welp.. just pulled regular Ghost.. so now Keith will be replaced by Ice Ghost as I feel this is a sign of sorts.
  • Ghost is great. Just added him.
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