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game after being patched , puck hitting the boards sound is gone (bug) (please fix)

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edited December 2017
after the new patch, when puck hits the boards, the sound is gone, almost no sounds when puck hitting the boards, please fix please, am not the only one who has experienced this issue, people are saying it at operation sports also.

here's what seattle cat said

Yeh and waiting for some patch notes.... still nothing I can find.

Also now when the puck hits the wall on a missed shot, the sound effect is missing.... anyone else have that happen after the update?

here is bad phat said also

Yep, noticed this too. Doesn't seem to register a sound effect when a shot hits the boards or glass. Not game breaking, but really dumb.


  • PierreMcGurire
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    edited December 2017
  • A patch that was supposed to fix things broke something else? I'm shocked.
  • You'd think all of like 30 seconds of testing would have discovered this.
  • RSall14
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    edited December 2017
    When searching for cards in hut some teams are blank. You can still hover over them and search for the cards for that respective team. Keep flagging my comments as spam, that's at least 2 mistakes that weren't here prior to the patch.
  • EvanAshopenace
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    I also found one more bug , you know team Canada training videos during gameplay when in game, well sound is so low it sounds like its muffled and I couldn't hardly hear what they we're saying it was so muffled, so sound needs to be fixed on those team Canada videos during gameplay.

    it sounded so low and that I couldn't hear person talk when I watching the team Canada training videos, in-game when its trying to show how to do stuff.
  • The no boards sound you guys on Xbox or PS4?
  • am on xboxone
  • No board sound bug is on ps4 too.
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    No boards sound shows they do not test the game at all. There is now way they even played a period of this game and didn't notice the sound missing. Absolute joke.
  • MizzouRah1971
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    edited December 2017
    Please tell me we don't have to wait a month or more for this bug to be fixed? Also, how about the puck through the goalie's pad bug?

    Edit: I thought it made sounds playing a game tonight.. most of my shots are on goal though.. so who knows?
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  • I'm still amazed with the numerous jersey mistakes that weren't touched at all that I pointed out in my roster mistakes... I've even messaged the teams about the mistakes which a lot of them replied with "hopefully it gets fixed"... I could go on for days with mistakes in this game... They added the new jerseys for my team but the white jerseys have the wrong coloured numbers on the back and the goalie helmet is the old logo and not the new logo...
  • thank got i play off line that board sound bug is so ...dumb...lol
    who test those patch...
  • we will see another patch?
  • am hoping a EA Dev takes look at this and goes Ah... now this is interesting, this where he goes, we found bug and gonna work on it right away, this just my hopes and everyone's else's hope also, I think we are all desperate for them to take look at it.
  • CupCrazyMania
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    edited December 2017

    ...man, still waiting for a new patch..

    merry x-mas everyone!
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