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EA is a an absolute joke! I have the new Xbox X, dedicated fibre of 300 up and down, wired connection, I have had my ISP over to check every single cable from the central distribution to the outside box, from the outside box into my ONT terminal and from the ONT through to my modem...everything is perfect with 0 latency...even during data transfer points.....AND I STILL LOSE NUMEROUS GAMES BY "YOU HAVE LOST CONNECTION TO THE EA SERVERS"

I refuse forever more to buy anything from EA....no more packs, no more anything......you can't even get a proper server to function and you still steal all of our money...

The only comment from an EA moderator thus far was unbelievably idiotic and complacent by saying that it could be other gamers cheating and to report them.....DOES TGIS EXPLAIN THAT FOR EVERY LOSS I HAVE THAT 95% OF THEM ARE CONNECTION LOSSES ?????



  • I hear you no i never get lost connection I just travel to Europe b4 I connect to a game and i live in midwest states , i do believe its some sort of LAG compensation the better your connection the father they travel you so make up for the 3rd world internet or the walmart internet people use! sorry I think there should be some sort of class action and get a real tech to explore why this is happing , and yes they don't care they have your money !
  • Yep this has been happening to me so much lately. No issues with ISP, even got a new Xbox One S and the problem still persists ONLY with EA NHL. It's infuriating.
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