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I have been disconnecting from EA servers a lot in NHL 18. I have 16 or so DISC losses in 65 games in HUT, I also DISC a lot in EASHL. I have Bell Fibe and my Xbox One S is connected directly to my modem. All ports are open, NAT type is Open. Stats are 50Mbps down, 8Mbps up, 30 or less ms ping and always 0% packet loss. I only have one other device connected to WiFi while I game. I also only encounter issues in NHL18, Other games are fine and Netflix, CraceTV, NHL.TV, etc all work fine.

Can someone help me out here ? It's getting out of hand, today I DISC 3 games in a row in HUT all ones I was leading. I'd also like to say I never experience lag, it goes from smooth gameplay to DISC from EA servers.



  • It’s not you it’s EA
  • Yep, started to happen to me last night. I usually have great connections online. I think I had ONE disconnect from the EA servers when I first started playing NHL 18, and it was due to my router having a hiccup.

    But since last night I've been getting randomly disconnected from the EA servers over and over again. This morning I got disconnected while attempting an OFFLINE HUT challenge... Offline!! LOL
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    You may try enabling some form of QOS settings on your router to see if that helps. Just make sure to select Gaming as high priority if it's easy setup like that, or make your console your highest priority. No guarantees that it will work for sure, but a properly configured QOS will prevent other devices from hogging all of the data stream which may cause random disconnections.
  • I was disconnected twice and thankfully nobody got the win or loss but I did have 3 contracts expire.....still better than the loss
  • Redbull, nothing else is streaming while I play, my phone is the only device connected while I'm online and while I'm playing I'm not on my phone. The Xbox is wired in as well.

    And Venom that happens to me all of the time lol hut challenges always DISC for me. Its getting too frustrating. It happened maybe once a night before. Now it's 50% of my games and I'm not just saying it's only NHL to be spiteful to EA. It really isn't an issue Alin any other app or game.
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