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  • Please return capability for play lock in regards to couch co-op gameplay, difficult to play offline users vs CPU on same team with up to 4 players without ability to lock on position/player
  • Please return capability for play lock in regards to couch co-op gameplay, difficult to play offline users vs CPU on same team with up to 4 players without ability to lock on position/player

    Absolutely need this feature game feels incomplete and not user friendly it's not always about single player this a basketball game there are multiple users come on live stop being greedy and bring back the old school co-op couch play I been asking for this since the demo please update it main reasons why I bought live 18
    • H2H vs. friends (in LUT and with NBA teams)
    • LUT Seasons, Draft, and Champions (making LUT more like Madden's or FIFA's. If you played them, then you know what I mean!)
    • Have scenarios as challenges in LUT instead of only fully played matches
    • Skill-based ranked ladder tiers in 3v3 (I mentioned this in a couple of other threads so I'll spare you the details unless someone wants them).
    • Local Franchise co-op (multiple users controlling multiple teams in the same franchise).
    • A hybrid between FIFA's Pro Clubs and 2k's Pro-Am where there's pre-made teams, timed matches with official rules, stat tracking, rankings, and seasons.
    • Don't limit us to leveling up 6 traits for our created player.
    • Roster editing (I don't care much about this, but will mention it since it's a popular request)
    • Get rid of loot crates for everything. Let us pick our general gear, but maybe keep legendary and epic crates as exclusive, very rare gear. This could be incorporated into the ranked 3v3 where higher ranked players are awarded exclusive gear over lower ranked players. For example, Diamonds will be awarded exclusive gear over Bronze players at the end of the competitive seasons (yes, like shooters).
    • Player of the Game instead of high point scorer at the end of Live Run
    • Idle boot in Live Run
    • Quit penalty in H2H in both Ranked and LUT (Award the player that didn't quit with a pack of contracts and a win in LUT and a win for Ranked. Give the players that quit a loss).
    • Fix online stability in H2H for both Ranked and LUT
    • Finally, allow us to select our gender for created players. It would be cool if we could choose our path as an NBA or WNBA Superstar, then ALL meet up in the parks!

    I love the gameplay and never change the simplicity of the controls:
    • Make passing smoother when swinging the ball (it's a bit inconsistent right now)
    • Ease up on ankle breakers
    • Allow us to pass out of any shot (sometimes can't because of animations)
    • A button to dive for the ball
    • No cut scenes after made baskets in Live Run (slows the game down)
    • More post moves
  • I just want to leave my 2 cents lol thank you EA for listening to the community it's been a pleasure seeing nba live 18 grow constantly so many major improvements this is definitely most improved game of the year! no doubt I want to say we as a community appreciate you EA please continue to make nba live great again
  • I WANT TO THANK NBA LIVE 18 FOR ALL THEY'VE DONE IN LISTENING TO US!!!!!!!!!!! In a world of craziness you have truly made life wonderful for its gamers. Its the little things that make video game life special. Now can we get a 'hard-foul' button I talked about months ago ( hahaha or maybe next year).

    #LetsMakeLiveKingAgain #2KSUCKS
  • Why is John Stockton so OP?! This guy blocked me 3 times & I can't even get passed him with my crossover?! **** is going on man...I have 85 strength & a dribble rating of 93!
  • Bought the game about a week ago. I have honestly enjoyed the game very much thus far. Improvements I suggest would be great to see in this game and new games that NBA Live comes out with. I have always went back and forth buying both NBA Live and NBA 2K but this year after I invested hundreds of dollars in NBA 2K17 only to entirely lose my created player. I decided NBA 2K not only is about money purely but also doesn't value its players. I feel like NBA Live is honestly making a great stride towards reaching the NBA fans and gamers. I also believe that NBA Live has managed to beat NBA 2K in the intensity area of the game. I felt very much involved in the games I have played thus far in NBA Live whereas I almost felt like I could be a fly on the wall in NBA 2k. Honestly I feel like NBA Live has made a product worth development and improving which is why I am writing this post.

    My suggestions:

    1: In create a player it would be good to choose your own story mode: "TheOne"is a comeback story which is great but too consistant on one course. What about a story mode for a person that played average of below average in college or highschool and is signed outside of the draft. A third would be a person that was not necessarily the best NBA draft choice or a signable player altogether but managed to make it to the NBA by chance of a roster slot coming open for a team that was over salary cap and unable to sign a pro. My two suggestions beyond the already great "TheOne" mode would add a bit of intensity to the create a player mode and really make the game feel more diverse in that area I believe.

    2: The WNBA mode I wish was a more integral part of the game. I was very happy to see the WNBA included as a playable game in NBA Live but I felt like more could have been attached to it. I have had a lot of fun playing the game "Dolson" of the Chicago Sky really has become one of my favorite players. I think if not NBA Live 18 then WNBA Live 18 should be sold. I'm sure I'm not alone as a fan of playing the womens teams on the game and wanting a deeper game choice such as player creation/storyline and development for this mode or new game that can come out.

    3: NBA Live 18 does seem to have like a few posts previously mentioned common issues such as when a player passes an inbound pass across the court or over half court pass to a player; most of the time it goes out of bounds. I feel like it should have a 50/50 chance because it is a desperate pass. Also, I don't see any air balls which should occur and are a common part of hopeful play. I don't think airballs should be set to 50/50 but possibly like a 9/91 percentile because obviously a player is an NBA professional player and most of the time the backboard is attainable to hit with a ball even from beyond half court.

    4) (This one I imagine is debatable but worth noting) Another nice thing would be a chance to choose your own Sex. Becoming the first woman or Man per se. An example would be the first woman to be drafted into the NBA or the First man to be drafted to the WNBA would be a cool little thing to be added down the road. I don't think that limitations in any job or sport should exist in todays world. The WNBA has proven that we have women that can play just as hard as men with just as much intensity. Not to mention gamers include both men and women.

    5) I like the crates in the game and I do believe that as you add more the game will become even more awesome.

    6) It would be cool to add in new way to get a game to actually sound out a persons name so that the game can recognize how to say a person's name that doesnt have a common or famous name. I always have to pick a persons name closest to mine in any game or a handel like "The Admiral" because I don't have a famous name.

    7) This is a suggestion to all game makers. It would be cool to jump into a game where you are "that player." The truly best of the best. The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Shaquille O'Neil, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry, or Lisa Leslie, Diana Taurasi, Sheryl Swoopes, Tamika Catchings, Cynthia Cooper-****, Candace Parker, and so many more and just show how their awesome skills were far beyond any on the court. Basically making them like 110% compared to lets say like everyone around them being about 88% or less of the legendary player you are playing at the times' skills. I think it would not only be a history lesson to the younger generation but also add a lot of importance on what made the few players that I have mentioned standout in those times; that have come to represent thousands of players that have played professionally in Basketball history.

    I don't believe in ratings of a game. I believe in the possibility of games. I know any game can be made better but I really do love NBA Live's bare bones and it has a lot of possibilty to expand on. Great work so far EA, I believe you are on the right track. I look forward to the improvements in the game to come.
  • Can we get more features in the franchise mode like add the roster editing and a practice mode for franchise mode and can we get the two way contracts like the real nba and also a g league and summer league so we can use the players we draft and other players and if you can add like a downloadable draft class with the real players so we can send them to the g league and summer league
  • Roster edit menu keeps crashing & The minutes keep resetting in the player rotations even if i save them.
  • The game sliders on live doesn’t influence the shot making in the game. That’s odd considering that other EA games like FIFA Madden does that and you can tell the difference in the games. Not a good start to converting from 2k to Live so far...that really bothers me..
  • Allow Legends (Magic, Kobe, Bird, etc.) players to be used in franchise mode similar to 2K.
    Make it so that legends are available without the packs. I enjoy the franchise mode and playing seasons more than the challenges and online stuff and 2K is really getting more burn because the legends are readily available as soon as you open the game.
  • Ever since the last update...why is my back turned when I'm trying to play defense? Super annoying man.
  • Bonjour ...
    Je suis fan de basket et j aime EA sport . Je joue aussi a vos autres jeux mais sur NBA live la latence est trop forte compte tenue des serveur trop éloigné de mon pays ... serait il possible de jouer une ligue contre le cpu a défaut de nous permettre de jouer sans latence ? Vous le faire pour FIFA alors pourquoi pas sur NBA live ... pensez à ceux qui sont trop loin de vos serveur s il vous plait ...
  • Beaucoup de gens demandent de nouvelles fonctionnalités et je trouve leurs idées plutôt bonnes mais pouvez vous régler le problème qu'ont les joueurs qui ne vivent pas aux USA à jouer en ligne ou alors créer une ligue contre le CPU ... enchaîner des matchs à défaut de jouer en ligne ça serait déjà un peu plus ludique ... dans l idéal corrigez la latence ou au moins indiquer la latence ....dans fifa cela ce passe pourtant tres bien .
    Je sais que vous faites du super travail alors ne nous laissez pas tomber nous aimons votre jeu !
  • Tris416 wrote: »
    Ever since the last update...why is my back turned when I'm trying to play defense? Super annoying man.
    It's happening to me too.

    You guys did a pretty good job on the throwback jerseys in the Live events, but somehow managed to mess up the collar on the Shaq jersey.

    I wish there were classic jerseys in Ultimate Team. Throwback jerseys, logos, courts, coaches etc would be cool like you guys had in previous years.
  • First basketball game I have bought in 8 years, I’m an annual FIFA purchaser, but thought I would dip into NBA. Super disappointed to see the lack of “local” or “couch” co-op modes in the game? FIFA allows this in all modes including FUT, online seasons and the one? PLEASE HELP!


  • First basketball game I have bought in 8 years, I’m an annual FIFA purchaser, but thought I would dip into NBA. Super disappointed to see the lack of “local” or “couch” co-op modes in the game? FIFA allows this in all modes including FUT, online seasons and the one? PLEASE HELP!



    I'm waiting for local co-op come on this is a must have please add it
  • Freeze_Ankles
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    Now that live have fixed the online stuff we need live to focus on franchise mode more what live 18 needs in the next patch is realistic dunking sounds and basketball hitting the rim sounds not that sound of someone shooting a ball in a paper cup also more jerseys bring back the classics and throwbacks fix the back court in franchise mode cause when I'm playing defense against the computer at half court its like something is keeping them from stepping back court also bring back synergy where there stats and player rating is based on there real counterpart in real life like if LeBron James is struggling in real life he will also be struggling in the game vice versa also add player intros and different intros for each team more interactions with the coach and the players and the coach with the ref when they make a bad call also have players interact with refs on bad calls have them get technical fouls also have them get flagrant fouls and have them get ejected from the game for 2 many flagrant fouls also let us see players get injured in the game not just show their name on a list after we play a couple of games in franchise mode also add player editing during the franchise mode not just before you start it cause I wanted to change my players hairstyle or jersey number or accessories during the season in franchise mode and I can't I didn't like that also have the crowd boo a player who let their team or have them yell air ball when a player shoots a air ball more dunk and layup animations more player collisions more cut scenes when scoring a basket more sideline animations from teammates and coaches on the side line have the crowd where the jersey number of the stars on your team in franchise mode not just old players numbers who are not on the team anymore have players dive for the ball animations jump in the crowd to save the ball animations also add coaching options in the franchise mode where you can set the defense and offense up have each coach of each team have there own signature coaching style also add create a coach and coaching mode so you can create your own coach and coaching skills and lead your team to championships also fix add more faces and hairstyles and facial hairstyles to the create a player one more thing fix the face scan app where you just have to scan the front of your face to make a custom face for create a player THIS IS WHAT WE NEED AND WANT IN THE NEXT PATCH OF NBA LIVE 18 it can be a New Year's Patch Thank you guys at EA for all your hard work we appreciate everything you guys have done so far keep up the good work we really need this patch for franchise mode thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. NBA LIVE 2019 With Frostbite Cause if Its In The Game Its In The Game
  • magickobejones
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    I really want to like this game. But What is the deal with the historical players / teams in this game? I bought this game foolishly thinking that similar to 2k I'd be able to play with the legends immediately, only to find that you have to play all of these challenges, earn all of these coins, only to earn RANDOM LEGENDS, that even then you can't add to a roster, draft, or use in franchise mode. Who would have thought? A basketball game with players that you can't use at your disposal. This is insane, what's the point of them being in the game if you can't readily use them. The challenges are fine, for those who prefer to do them.I don't have the time nor desire to play all of these challenges. My favorite mode is the franchise or dynasty mode, where I can draft all players in the game, legends and current players, and play SEASONS with them. That is the great thing about NBA 2K. You have access to "ALL" of the players from the jump to assign to rosters, edit, draft, use in franchise or whatever. NBA live was my favorite game for years. Then it became 2K. After seeing videos of the game I gave it a try hoping to switch back to NBA Live because this game does have potential, but this is completely insane. Eddie Jones, a basketball player, my favorite player is in the game but I can't use him. I have to do all of these crazy, unnecessary, and unwanted challenges, only to mayyyyyyyyyyyyybe get him from one of these crates or mystery packs, and even then only have limited use of the player. What is this foolishness? I mean c'mon. Could you please address this issue? One final thing, who gets excited about buying clothing for video game characters, there seeams to be a lot of focus on clothing but not the actual things that the game is about BASKETBALL. CPU doesn't request trades. Can't adjust lineups prior to game start, as it reverts back to the old lineup. The method in which you set defensive pressure is so annoying, you have to hit L1 and go to each individual player. How about placing all of the players on one screen with the same toggle features. Sheesh!!!!!!! When attempting to make trades with the CPU, all you get is "make it a better trade". How about having the CPU give you what asset options you have that they'd be willing to accept to make the trade. I know you guys have played 2K, so you have to know there are some features you guys can clearly approve upon.
  • I’m loving the game as of late with the latest updates. Online play feels good. A little more tweaks. Manually adjust camera height and zoom. Online Franchise next please!!!!!
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