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anyone win faceoff with 92 ice Scheifele?

he is a 75 faceoff rating which isn't good. is he useless as a first line center? i can't win draws with him or maybe it's just me period!?


  • 75 is not that great. Play him on the wing or even as D
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  • i get the wing but d? why cause of high defense? giroux seems the highest but he's a right hander
  • I have his evo and he is awesome on the wing. He should not be playing centre
  • 88 is the lowest rating I will use at C
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    88 is the lowest rating I will use at C

    Yeah I hate using Mcdavid as a C. I can never use him for defensive zone draws. It sucks
  • I played someone in CS and he beat my Bergeron / Messier / even my 91 Seguin and 90 Backstrom with Scheifele.
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  • To give you an idea, my McDavid 93 ICE is on the LW and my Sheifle ICE is on the RW. My Centers are Sakic 92 rating, Thornton FB 88, Owen Nolan 88, Giroux ICE 91 face off rating. They are hard enough to being with, you need a very high fo rating especially against All Star or Superstar AI
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