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Anyone else having issues with EASHL?

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Playing a game and winning, but it doesn't count as a win and your players don't get points?

Constantly losing connection?


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    lol disregard this was posted magically on the wrong thread.
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  • I’ve had issues with EASHL and Vs.

    Still have yet to play a game until completion. Every game except 1 has had a disconnect from EA servers or people quitting.

    So glad I didn’t pay full price - same crappy online experience as the last 4 years.
  • Yeah, it's garbage. I won't be buying NHL19. Too much money for garbage.
  • Started having EA Servers disconnecting of late fairly frequently. I also noticed that my games in EASHL went from a steady 17-19ms ping to 34-37ms ping since last month. Nothing's changed on my home network's end or my ISP's.

  • Jumping to mid 30ms latency is usually an indicator ea has you in the wrong region
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