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Has anyone else noticed...

So I haven't posted this because I completely forgot all about it but has anyone else noticed that when you're in a game and it's either between periods or at the end of the game you can hear music from NHL 17? How?

I don't want to say they literally added a couple things to 18' and basically brought the same game out that we had last year....

Does anyone else notice ANYTHING else that was in last years game?

I'm genuinely curious..


  • Careful with that loaded question now...LOL. My first answer is "just about everything" to be perfectly honest.
  • Umm that is what EA does every year .
    I am not sure they have come out with a true NEW NHL game since I started in 2010
  • Seemingly EA begins each 'new' version by copying and pasting the source code from the previous year....and not even the final patched code, they must start with the original game day release code. That is why issues that were patched throughout the previous year show back up in the 'new' release time after time after time. It would be funny if it was so infuriating.
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