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discovered something with 20 Minutes just now (solved)

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I discovered really weird setting for super star: full sim NHL 18, I had to put it sorten way, walla I had 2-0 score on 20 minutes , am gonna post these at operation sports.
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  • I changed my sliders because I didn't like the scores in my Franchise as well. Just like you, there were too many 8-5 games for my taste.

    I've been VERY pleased so far with the results. My last few games was a 3-0 win shutout over LA, a 3-2 loss vs NJ, a 4-3 OTL vs STL and a 3-1 loss vs COL. I won a game 6-2 vs Dallas at one point and got a beating against Buffalo 7-1 once.

    All I did really was up everything that had to do with saves to 80 (starting from Allstar settings). Please note that I play with lock on LD so ymmv. I play 8 minutes periods. Shots are a tad higher than I'd like them to be at, but at this point I like the scores in my games a lot so I'm not changing anything.
  • I discovered something just now, if I raise reception reaction time: CPU: 88 / Human: 88, I just had like 2-0 , but shots are off, I like that I can handle that, but wowzers, I was about to give up on 20 Minutes.
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