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Magic moment or a serious symptom?

This occurred in our EASHL club game yesterday. I wasn't able to pause the game to get a great replay, but it should be obvious that what happens is way off. There's good few meters between the right winger and the opponent who throws himself down on the ice, and obviously he's the only one who could have caused the tripping penalty.

So my question is: is there something seriously wrong with tripping, or is this a symptom of more serious issues under the hood in online games? I would love to hear the devs comment.

Could it be there's a serious desynch issue going on, and if that's true, what else it affects? Passes going way off, shots hitting always the logo, whiffed shots, poke cheecking being ineffective or way too effective, you always winning or losing face-offs etc. There's a LOT of weird stuff going on in games. How can you be sure that your input and experience are consistent with what's actually happening in the game?


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