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Why This Game is The Worst Hyped Up EA NHL Game Since NHL 15

Every year everyone complains about the AI and I never see improvements. This year it's either way to easy, or legit impossible to stop the AI. There is no balance, no skill gap, and worst of all, if you just spam pokecheck its makes you a good defender. The grading system is one of the worst systems I've seen in my whole life. I could stop a 3 on 1 rush as a dman but not a single bit of my grade would go up for defence. I could make a puck chop right to the other team and they can go score yet my defence grade will go up for making a puck chop.

The new dekes this year were a great addition but why were they taken out in the first place? Was it so you guys could add them into another game for another cash grab of another garbage game to sell to your loyal fans? Why hasn't the Forsberg been in the game? Why hasn't the Datzyuk been in the game? These are very popular dekes that should've been in the game a long time ago.

A lot of us NHL fans have played these NHL games for a long time. So why don't you ever reward us for staying with this garbage franchise known as EA Sports. We've been with this garbage franchise for so long so why should we continue to buy your games? We buy and support your game every year but you proceed to put out the same product every year with a tweak or two. It's ridiculous and we deserve better.


  • There are legitimate gripes to be had with this year's game, as with any game published by any developer. You make some fair points in your post here, but you also bury your feedback amongst a lot of insults and disrespect directed at the developers and franchise. It makes it hard to take your feedback seriously and for a developer to come across your post and act on your issues with the game.

    Try posting again without all the insults, you might even get a developer response. Going to lock this since it violates our forum code of conduct, which you can find here: tos.ea.com/legalapp/WEBTERMS/CA/en/PC/#section6
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