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Obviously, there's a bunch of these, but I wanted to get my list out. Most of these are for franchise mode, since it's the only mode I play, with some general items I want to see.


1. 3-way trades
2. Add league and franchise stats that gets updated whenever players move up scoring lists, milestones are achieved, and records are broken.
3. Add split-player stats when trades are made in-season
4. Add fantasy draft and skills competition to all-star weekend.
5. Hometown discounts on contracts
6. Get rid of the 12 character limit for the GM name (don't even know why there is a limit)
7. Be able to hire your own staff (GM, Assistant GM, Head Coach, Assistant/Associate Coaches, Scouts, etc.)
8. Scouting needs to better developed. I don't wanna scout by position. It should be all positions scouted at the same time.
9. Player development needs to be better. Add in ECHL, and even allow loans to European teams for your prospects
10. Be able to get rid of AHL contracted players off the minor league team
11. Get rid of budget while keeping GM Firing on.
12. Add suspense with CBA negotiations and potential lockout(s)
- Each Owner is presented with an offer and is to make a decision. During mid-August, the final tally is
revealed and its either lockout, partial lockout (i.e., 48 games) or no lockout
13. Ability to make lineup changes when you intervene after simming.


1. Somehow the skating has gotten WORSE. There are times when players get "stuck", whether its on a breakaway, chasing the puck on an icing, trying to get past a defender, etc.
2. Faceoffs need to be fixed. When you move even once, you can't win a faceoff against the CPU
3. Have a Canadian version of the game where Bob Cole is the main announcer
4. Group celebrations on goals scored
5. Player excitement on goals scored (milestones, Stanley Cup winning goals, etc.)
6. Referee mode would be an insane edition
7. Stop the AI from coming at you and tugging on you after the goalie covers the puck for a whistle. It's annoying anytime you even just go near the goalie and they attack you.

If you got any other ideas, lemme know.
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  • Great Ideas, especially get rid of owner mode!! I cant believe anyone would ever use Owner Mode on lol...Should replace Owner mode with shorter season option in GM Mode, 30 game season play each team once would be perfect!
  • Bob Cole ?

    No thanks.
  • If I may, I would like to add a few...

    In franchise mode, when other GMs are proposing trades involving draft picks, it would be nice to know where their team stands in the league standings. If you offer me a 1st round Draft pick but you are in the top 5 teams in the league, it is not the same value as if you are in the 5 bottom teams in the league. Also, if the offered draft picks come from a third-party team, I would like to know where the third team stands in the standings as well.

    I would like to be able to create a custom league with teams of my choosing. For example, I have created six Canadian custom teams composed of players that originate from their given province:

    1) British Columbia Armada
    2) Saskatchewan Roughriders
    3) Alberta Cougars
    4) Manitoba Bisons
    5) Ontario Firebirds
    6) Quebec Bulldogs

    I would like to create a custom "Original Six style" league with 70 games per season, 4 best teams make the playoffs with best 3-out-of-5 playoffs rounds if I fancy it.
  • Before all of you roll your eyes, my wishlist is a PC version. There is a growing amount of folks who want this. Last I checked, there are around 10,000 to 15,000 people alone playing a modded version of NHL 2004, and a bunch of others still playing NHL09. That's a lot of sales on the PC. Considering the countless forums that feature the PC version demand, EA has publicly stated that they need demand. I think that we have that demand. I have traded my console for a PC and I am not the only one. Those who have both, only have the console to play games such as NHL. The PC community is growing and it wont be getting smaller. Bring NHL to PC. I know it will generate at least one more sale per year as I will buy it. Until that day comes, I wont buy the game.

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