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  • ** Sitting on about 1.4 Million **

    (92)ICE.OVI - (94)EVO.Crosby - (93)EVO.Tavares
    (94)EVO.Stamkos - (91) Sittler - (93)ICE.McDavid
    (96)EVO.Mackinnon - (92)Sakic- (93)EVO.Matthews
    (91)EVO.Laine - (92)EVO.Bergeron - (91)EVO.Malkin

    (92)ICE.Karlsson - (92)Niedermeyer
    (93)EVO.Wheeler - (91)Gonchar
    (92)EVO.Subban - (92)EVO.Kopitar


    Silky Smooth
    Thread the Needle
    Locker Room Leaders
    Breakout Master
    Clutch Player
    Fine Shooting
    Rocket Skates

    ** ICE OVI is a temp** Waiting until tomorrow to spend some coins and buy some long term players (96+ Ovi, UL Niedermeyer/Chelios, to name a few).. Almost have a full team of end game cards (assuming upgrades)

    *** In the System: 2nd Evo Matthews, Evo Rinne, Evo Drouin, and like 5 other legends I am just holding on to.

  • MS 91 Ovechkin XMAS 93 Stamkos TOTW 92 Kane
    ICE 91 Seguin TOTW 92 Crosby EVO 93 Marchand
    EVO 88 Boeser ICE 91 Mackinnon EVO 92 Tarasenko
    PRIME 91 Wheeler EVO 91 Matthews EVO 90 Hall

    TOTW 90 Karlsson XMAS 91 Hedman
    TOTW 91 Subban TOTW 90 Josi
    TOTW 89 Doughty MS 89 Sergachev

    MS 90 Lundqvist
    PRIME 87 Schneider

  • My current line-up for online play:

    Line 1

    LW 92Ovi (ice), C 93Crosby (WC), RW 92Bure (Leg)

    Line 2

    LW 90Huberdeau (PT), C 87Chytil (IPOTG), RW 94McDonald (Mov)

    Line 3

    LW 84Stafin (IPOTG), C 88Kyrou (IPOTG), RW 91Kessel (ice)

    Line 4

    LW 83Pavlik (IPOTG), C 83Reichel (IPOTG), RW 81Nurmi (IPOTG)


    LD 92Neidermayer (Leg), RD 92Subban (TOTW)

    LD 93Hedman (TOTW), RD 92Doughty (TOTW)

    LD 83Budik(IPOTG), RD 90Klingberg (ice)


    92Hasek (Leg), 84Halonen (IPOTG)

    Coach: Rome (AA)

    All players have all their respective synergies unlocked. They are:

    Individual: P, RS, DZ, PM

    Team: All team synergies unlocked (LL, S, TN, AA, CW)
  • Jokiharju-Messier(90)-Ice Matthews
    Evo McDonagh-Ice Tavares-Zadina

    Ice Karlsson-Segachev(90)

    Christmas Hasek
    Evo Talbot

    Synergies are RS, FS, BM, LL, S, TN, AA and CW
  • MS Kessel (95) - uLGD Crosby (UT, fml) - ICE McDavid
    LGD Bossy - ASG Sakic - LGD St. Louis
    ICE Karlsson - EVO Draisaitl - PT Hall
    iPOTG Kyrou - HERO Linden - iPOTG Abramov

    ICE Wheeler - XMAS Niedermayer
    ICE Pietro - TOTW Benn (92)
    LGD McDonald - EVO Barkov

    EVO Dubnyk - TOTW Elliott

    Active synergies: DZ, BM, PP, CP, LL, S, TN.
    Always win sometimes lose.
  • ICE Stamkos (94) - HERO Linden (90) - ICE Benn (91)

    XMAS Draisaitl (90) - TOTW Bergeron (90) - *ICE Tarasenko - 91

    ICE Pastrnak (89) - FO Toews (88) - HERO Neely (90)

    FB Bucyk (90) - LEG Rucchin (90) - IPOTG Iginla (88)

    *LEG Lidstrom (92) - *TOTW Karlsson (95)

    LEG Bourque (91) - TOTW Doughty (92)

    MSP Chara (90) - ICE Pietrangelo (92)

    ICE Rinne (89)

    IPOTG Gustavsson (86)

    Coach - TN

    Player Synergies - CP

    Team Synergies - TN, LL, S

    * Indicates free un-tradeable card

    Not bad considering I didn't buy the game until Nov. 21, and didn't play for 2 weeks over Xmas. And no market playing either.

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