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Give me sympathy

I did be a pro for about 5 months, off and on. Did and entire season in the OHL, drafted 1st overall to Winnipeg. Lit up the league with Scheifele and Laine all year. Hurt for a month in January, finished with 50G and 45A in 62GP.

1st seed in the West. Sweep St.Louis in the 1st round, same with Chicago in the 2nd. Nobody can stop us, or so I thought.. Anaheim in the conference finals. First game, I just scored the go-ahead goal midway though the 3rd. Next shift Corey Perry runs me from behind. I'm not breathing on the ice. Game says I'm done. Quit. Post-concussion syndrome. Out 3 months. Jets lose in 7 in the conference finals. Don't get to train in the off season.

5 months, like i said off & on, for a computer to run me from behind. Somebody say they're sorry because AI Corey Perry isn't going to :(


  • EA Sports: It's in the game.
  • The moral of the story here is that Endurance and Durability training is very important in real life...but apparently not in EA NHL.

    That is some serious bad luck though. I've only been injured twice in all the BAPs i have played between NHL 11 and NHL 16. Both injuries lasted less than a week though. Slight bruising.

    I'll be mr nice guy and say sorry...you didnt keep your head up kid.
    *proceeds to body check you into the post*

    Never do that in real life kids. Thats a move only losers resort to.
  • Wow... actually sounds like something that would realistically happen in the NHL.
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