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MERGE ROSTERS is my favourite new addition to NHL 18 because my plethora of created players don't get erased with roster updates. By the time the final roster update is released in the spring, i should have all of my players created. Then I'll begin a franchise mode and a BE A PRO mode. Yay.

I create players within the parameters of an 18 year old BE A PRO rookie and affiliate them with an NHL team, then assign them to CHL teams.


  • They need to add a roster share function, so people who do change the roster around for realism sake or whatever can share with other players
  • for sure, a roster share would be awesome. i think my #1 reason for wanting that feature would be for a few friends of mine, who enjoy having created players, but don't really like creating very many, or don't have much time, or knowledge to do so.
  • Exactly, and also I play MLB the show and I love seeing how people rate players or their 2004 rosters, always interesting to see where hockey fans are at with these kinds of things
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