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NHL19 Franchise mode

These are some things I could see being amazing if incorporated into Fran mode. So I’m going to try to go through different parts of the mode well keeping all the info together.

You start your Franchise mode and you pick your team. Each team is different whether it be a Championship caliber team or contender, hopefull, on the cusp, Rebuilding team. Depending on the team you’ve chosen and that information your goals are going to be different so shouldn’t your goals be different and be contract based and yearly (Ex. You’re the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yearly goals with them being a contending team would be:
•Win division
•Finish top 6 in conference
•Make playoffs
•Make round 2 of playoffs

Your contract Goal would be:
•Make round 3 of playoffs
•Win president trophy
•Win Stanley Cup

Adding this would be a great way to also track your team performance year to year:
TOR 2017/18 44-26-12 RD1
TOR 2018/19 45-27-10 RD3
TOR 2019/20 51-21-10 won Cup

This would also help add to your GM rep as you reach goals and milestones in your career.)

You could have the GM rep be graded from F to +A

Hiring/Firing Staff is a major part of a GMs job in determining the outlook and structure of a Franchise. Positions that you should be able to hire and fire are:
•Farm team director (AHL, ECHL)

Coaching staff should give boosts to certain stats on players based on systems that coach deploys. So if a coach is known for his defensive style of play then players defensive stats should get a boost. Also a coach could take away stats from players, hurts shooting or off awareness. Head coach could be overall systems and assistants could be how well they support that message. So having a offensive style head coach and two defensive minded assistants would be a bad mix because they don’t support the message of the head coach.

Scouts can be for regions and have better discovery rates than other scouts who might have more accurate scouting reports on players. Scouts should have these attributes factor into scouting prospects:
•Discovery (amount of players turned up from scouting assignments)
•Accuracy (how accurate draft ratings are)
•Offensive players (how well they find offensive players)
•Defensive players (how well they find defensive players)
•Goalies (how well they find Goaltenders)

Should be able to see a prospects point totals from his league (CHL, USA, SHL, Russia)

Farm team director can be rated on how well they mold players from junior into professional players and what kind of player they will be in the NHL.

Players should have quirks that factor into the type of player they are. Like:
•Alex Ovechkin
- Franchise player (adds to all stats)
- Lethal shooter (scores goals)
- Physical (doesn’t mind throwing the body around)
•Sidney Crosby
- Franchise player
- Elite playmaker (assist machine)
- Clutch (puts team on his back)

Player morale should cover:
•Desired location to play (close to home, Original six team, Cali team, east west)
•Salary (if it matches his performance and desired amount)
•Team performance (team record, place in standings, winning division, playoff round, Cup, president trophy)
•Individual performance (points, plus minus, making it to the all star game, injuries would lower this)
•Coaching staff grade (the better the coaching staff is rated the more morale your players will have)
•Role on team (1st liner to 4th, Top D to 7th, ice time)

Players should also make demands to be traded or have drama happen like in real life.

In an NHL season story lines develop over the course so why not have stories that develop in franchise mode (ex. Have insiders comment on players rise to the elite, teams shocking the world (Vegas), prospects climbing the draft rankings). Add character and depth to the game mode and realism.

Events during the NHL season need to be updated or added:
•Season opener
•Trade deadline
•Allstar game
•July 1st free agent frenzy
•Stanley Cup Series
•Prospects game


  • Lots of stuff, some good ideas...some obviously almost a copy and paste of MLB the Show, which is not a bad thing per say since their Franchise mode is pretty solid...I'm referring to the scouting part mostly...also seems to be a variation of OOTP's.

    If you have GM grades and you start at F, then you need to accept that you cannot pick any team you want from the start. A team that is aspiring to the cup would not hire a greenhorn to be at the helm...

    The tags for players giving boosts was sort of in the game back in NHL 2002 (I think ?). I don't mind it.

    My favorite suggestion in there is the coaches and how they would alter certain attributes depending on tactics. I think that makes sense, as long as the alteration is minimal, but I do like that idea.

    Some good stuff...
  • Yeah I think NHL should really take a little from Madden, NBA, MLB, FIFA, they have some great things in their version of Franchise modes.
  • sebban95
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    Franchise for all leagues is a start
  • Socair
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    Thread closed. Please avoid posting in old threads.
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