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NHL 18 Mobile Game

I believe that there should be an NHL Mobile Game for iOS and Android devices like the Madden Mobile Game and the NBA Live Mobile Game. I have spoken to many people about this and they have all said EA SPORTS should do this. I hope that EA SPORTS and NHL 18 will be able to come through with the NHL 18 Mobile Game.


  • EA_Lanna
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    Hey, good suggestion @sbruce_11. After a few comments derailed from the opening post, I've done a quick clean-up of the thread. Please look to keep posts or comments here productive and on topic. Thanks.
  • 2K had a mobile hockey game a few years ago. It was alright, but the lack of buttons and simple controls made it fairly basic.
  • When they can make 1 game perform on any platform maybe they will expand. They can’t even keep up with the problems now.
  • It wouldn't work. They would release it half finished in order to maintain consistancy.
  • kitchener_boy
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    Well I do miss PSP having a NHL game. It came in handy and passed the time when needed to. Let's just say though if a NHL game came out for I phone or I pads or something in that nature,WIFI in most places is pretty weak to keep a lag free connection. In my experience.
  • I really want you guys make a (EA SPorts NHL Mobile Game) for iOS and Goolgle Store to? Please do it for us? Plus do guys know when are you guys going to started make (EA Sports NHL Mobile Game)?
  • Socair
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    Old thread closed. Please don’t necropost.
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