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Can't change goalies??

Why in the world did u take away the ability to swap goalies? That's not only unrealistic but why require u to have two goalies if u can't interchange them??


  • It lead to desync
    I am the consequence of your actions
  • As usual. Instead of fixing a problem, EA just eliminates things. Just like in EASHL for 17, being able to control the extra player when you pulled your goalie. Instead of fixing it they just elimated it. They also still haven’t fixed it or just chose not to. :smirk:
  • At what point are we not playing the game we were told to expect by EA ?
    Are they really allowed to just change features of a game we were told are in the game?
    Are they not legally required to do as advertised or at least try to solve problems like lag that wont even let me play online games without a 2 second delay.
    This company will never see $ from me again, I feel cheated and unwanted by EA.
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