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Is delay induced by certain player cards?

In CS I used my main team. I won my first four games. I then switched my Xmas Sittler for the 92 overall Kucherov Stars of the month card. Immediately my team was delayed. I played two games like that and I quit after the first after it was 3-0 against. Turned the game off. Today I play with the same line up and the same thing, delay. So I swap kucherov for sittler and guess what ? I won the next three games by five plus goals, no delay.

Uh... yeah.


  • FrankiePuxU
    104 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility with EA.Ok
    Just the other day I had eggs instead of cereal I had lag issues...lol
  • Its not lag, its EA's tilted keep the game even trash.
  • Pr0xY00
    156 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    I hate to say it lol, he's on to something here. I notice the same thing with certain lineups.
  • No one really know to be honest...this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is hit or miss and has been goin on for years... I personally think that its the servers and who you connect with cause some guys have no delay and then some guys do...
  • Since I put the 96 Sittler in my line up my team is garbage, I lose twice more games in CS.
  • One would think that in an ultimate team mode your team would get better as it gets stronger.

    The arrogant NHL team doesn't try to hide it, and displays the balancing in plain view, and denies its existence at every turn.
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