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Comp Season packs a NO SHOW???



  • Lol he's not wrong. Not getting the packs immediately isn't the end of the world. They are coming, just like last time. People need to chill the f out. I think it was fixed the next day, when it happened last time? Definitely some overreaction to a slight inconvenience
  • My friend and I didn't receive them either.
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  • jake19ny
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    My son and I both didn’t get ours. How does this keep happening? Someone wrote relax you will get it......tell that to the people who never received packs from the past Completive Seasons....do you think they should relax and wait for them? Maybe they will get their Halloween packs on St. Paddy’s day......just another problem on a long list of problems with this game that gets ignored, miis-directed, or the hole gets plugged with a piece of gum. Problem is there are so many holes plugged with gum the dam is going to break soon.
  • Packs are there
  • No they arent here for me still
  • Got kine today
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  • j0rtsu67
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    OT: this forum software s.u.c.k.s. If you try to edit your message, you're lucky if it doesn't disappear! Or it goes to waiting for approval.

  • Chedds88 wrote: »
    That's why I don't even bother with the CS anymore why and what for so I can get this kind of service from a game most of us paid 100 130 for lol smh the game is garbage this year and will not be bought later this year...21 years of playing and I'm done with it all.

    Just gotta stick to it. I am in the same boat. It’s ridiculous. This NHL 18 dev team has an entire community offering feedback and they also have the actual sport to base it on. They are not creating something new or different, it’s hockey.

    Their primary objective should be to find a way to make the connectivity better online. No sorry but removing the option to swap goalie is not how you fix the connection issues. How is it even related ?Secondary, switch to the frost bite engine. Seriously every game that uses it plays like a game made in 2018. This game is so behind.
    You really wouldn't think they relate in any way.

    Let's think about that little deeper...

    There has been many (well, not many enough) patches/tuners.

    Afterwards there were complaints like "why did you change..." (let's say A) or "tuner changed..."
    (let's say B ).

    These complaints were followed with posts like "they did not change A nor B, what they did was fix C and modify D, it doesn't even relate to A or B so you must be imaginating!".

    I wonder if the game(code) has become so complicated, that changing something could affect to something else that they didn't expect.

    Then add some lag to that soup...

    So, were they imaginating?

    Just a thought.
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